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Wayne's Legion Militia Encampment Event at Woodville

So just as I was winding down from Fort Frederick, it was not too long before I was on my way to another event, this one being the Wayne's Legion Militia Encampment Event at the Woodville Plantation in Bridgeville, PA. While my traditional folk music group, Wayward Companions have performed and done quite a few events here (just this past weekend we performed a candlelight concert with the Pittsburgh Historical Music Society Orchestra, which we are affiliated with), I recently have been added to their roster of tour guides, which is pretty cool. I'm also helping them out with things like period attire and some of their programs. This is a cool group of people and if you haven't visited the Neville House at Woodville and you'll be in the area this summer, make sure you do so. :) For starters, I recently and finally completed a new outfit that I started sewing a couple years ago. It was finished just in time for the Wayne's Legion event and now I look forward

Going to Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair (Big Pool, MD), Part 2

Hey there, So now we are on to part 2 of my Fort Frederick post and in this one, we get to the really good stuff. Yep, the sutler and blanket traders I had the pleasure of doing business with. For some it was a reunion from the previous year and for others I was just coming to know them for the first time. Either way, they were awesome. :) If you didn't catch my interview with Kristin of The Drunken Apprentice or Part 1 of the Fort Frederick blogs, here are the links so you can catch up: A Chat with The Drunken Apprentice Going to Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair (Big Pool, MD), Part 1 Like last year, I started the shopping expedition off right by visiting April at the Fashions Revisited tent. Here are examples of what you might find at her store: And here is what I ended up taking out of there. A really beautiful fan (you can never have too many), new sewing needles and pins, hat pins, and a tea strainer. I love it all. She has the most adorable shop

Going to Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair (Big Pool, MD), Part 1

Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair is an event that takes place in Big Pool, MD every year during the last weekend of April. A couple weeks ago, I went for the second time with some friends in the living history/reenactment realm. Fort Frederick and many similar events include sutlers, blanket traders, reenacting (usually battles that are specific to such sites), and camping. All around, it's a great time and gives one an excuse to dress as though they are straight off the set of Turn or Outlander . Seriously, we spend a lot of time sewing and making this stuff! So typically, as it works with the group I attend these events with, half of our camping group heads out on Thursday to get the campsite set up, though this year, my friend Sarah and I decided to hotel it. A large part of my reason for deciding to hotel it was the fact that I had a film screening to attend upon my return from Maryland. Since I prefer to be showered for such an event, hotel triumphed over camp

A Chat with The Drunken Apprentice (at Fort Frederick in Big Pool, MD)

The Fort Frederick Market Faire that takes place every year in late April in Big Pool, MD brings many cool and talented sutlers and blanket traders with some gorgeous 18th century wares, many of which is handcrafted. One such blanket trader is the lovely woman behind The Drunken Apprentice Glassware. So check out my interview with her where she discusses her glass blowing technique and the history behind the specific designs. Enjoy! :) Here is my own firing/Freemason glass that I use for my morning apple cider vinegar, Frankincense oil, and Ningxia Red shot. I will add that I very much enjoy rapping it on the table in true 18th century fashion once I've taken the shot. :D ******* Thanks for stopping by! If you want more, go on a musical adventure with me through time where for five days I'll send you a new song or story, and a personal email from me! +++ FACEBOOK:

MUSIC REVIEW: Tempest's New Album, Thirty Little Turns

April was a really good and busy month for me, between my own music gigs, a premiere film screening at Steel City Comic Con, and the Fort Frederick Market Faire (recap of that coming in the next day or two). In the last week of the month, I also had the pleasure of seeing the Celtic Rock band, Tempest on the Pittsburgh area stop of their Spring 2018 tour. I have been going to see them since 2013 and have also gotten to know them over those years too. In their 2018 show, they perform songs from their newest effort, "Thirty Little Turns." After the show, I picked it up and now I am doing a short review of it for you. Enjoy and please check out Tempest at their website: Amazon: Me chilling after the show with Tempest frontman and founding member, Leif Sorbye