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Winner in the Romance Genre Category!

Hi there! Well, they've announced it so it is now okay for me to.  :)  I am very happy to announce that The Birthrite won in this year's B2BCyCon. One of the main characters in the series, Dorothy Blake (or Dorothy Blake Turner as she later becomes) was the one that reigned supreme in the Romance Genre Character Tournaments! As for the Cover Wars, Descent (The Birthrite, #1) didn't do too shabby. The book cover that Rowen Poole and I collaborated on made it pretty far in the Horror/Thriller Genre category and came in at a very close second (to A.M. Nestler's gorgeous cover for her book Beautiful Nightmare) in the Romance Genre category. I want to thank everyone who voted and for the awesome support thus far. The competition this year was pretty steep.  :) I am featuring Dorothy at my website, Facebook page, Instagram, email list, and blog this week. Thank you again to the voters, to Ashley for doing an awesome job with running the Romance Genre this year, and to Ange

B2BCyCon 2018: Love is in the Air...Meet the Romance Genre Authors

*Sometimes changing one thing can change everything.* Max Alexander, Hollywood’s king of the silver screen, has made hearts flutter all over the world. He’s just wrapped his latest blockbuster, and is planning to visit on old college friend in Switzerland when his plans unexpectedly change. To make it up to him, Thomas Meenan, right hand man of his old friend, offers him a stay at Escape, a remote North Carolina B&B on the Atlantic coast. Unsure of the offer, but unwilling to offend his long term friend, he agrees to check it out. When he arrives there at four in the morning he finds something he never expected, but soon realizes is exactly what he needed. Annie Clemons has lived her entire life at Escape, painting in her attic studio, and walking on the beach. Not long ago she almost lost it to the bank before Thomas Meenan and the Chimera Group invested in the B&B in exchange for occasional use of the property for their special private events. Now, with Meenan

B2BCyCon 2018: Horror Midnight Marquee

A.F. STEWART INTERVIEWS TIFFANY APAN: SYNOPSIS: Visions of infant twin boys, clouds, a young woman taking her own life, and a collision of space, time, and realms... On the eve of Summer Solstice in 1844, four men in different areas of the world share an experience that impacts not only their own lives, but those of the future generations. The first man is Nicolae Ganoush, a young Romany fugitive from a slave village in Wallachia. The second is Jonathan Blake, an eighteen-year-old Irishman in the American Midwest who finds himself falling in love with a young woman from a nearby Sioux village. The third is James Livingston, a prominent figure in colonial America, and the fourth is Hector de Fuentes, a sixteen-year-old from Tuxpan, Mexico with special gifts and visions enhanced by a mysterious and wondrous cave. Each man carries his own inner battle, unbelievable ancient truths deep within their lineages, and demons that are much closer to home than an