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Behind the Scenes Action at the Depreciation Lands Museum

Hey everyone, Well this was just an awesome weekend. On Friday I went to see a Vincent Price movie marathon at a local drive-in. Then I spent Saturday and Sunday in the 18th century. Saturday night was our Tavern Night and I am happy to say that it was sold out with an amazing crowd enjoying great food, great conversation, and I was only too happy to perform a few songs from that era for them. The following day (Sunday), I was back at the museum re-enacting life in the 18th century. Because I unfortunately didn't get a video of Tavern Night (we have another coming up in November...maybe I will try to get some footage for that one), I made up for it by getting a quick little walk around video of the museum on Sunday right before we opened and then after we closed. Here it is: I also took a couple photos of one of the books we keep on the back shelf of the schoolhouse (Ruskin's Sesame and Lilies over my penmanship practice):  And it seems that customer punch