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The Making of a New Music Video...

Hey all! I recently (just before my much needed vacation in Gettysburg) traveled to Cortland, OH to film my scenes for the long awaited music video for my song, "A Prayer" off of my (2008) debut album, Poet!  Yes, this is happening a good few years after the album's release, but hey, better late than never, right? I got to once again work with this group of awesome guys and filmmakers. So enjoy this behind the scenes footage! ***** For first access to giveaways and other content not seen by the rest of the world,  sign up for the free Messages from the Labyrinth Newsletter! Paperback copies of  Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1)  and  Sacred Atonement:Novelette (The Birthrite Series, # 1.5)  available together for the low price of $21.00 at my  Official Website My music projects are available  at  CDBaby My filmwork is on  IMDb "The Birthrite Series" and other books at  Smashwords  and  Barnes &

First Blog Tour for My Book Series and Takeover Event!

Hey all, Yeah I know it's a little dusty in here due to my not posting as regularly as I would normally like. I just got back from a much needed vacation in Gettysburg (and I will of course post the video footage I took and share with you will also be a future Parting of Veils Episode). I did no work whatsoever on the trip and now that I'm back, I feel ready to take on all the looming projects! And finish the ones I have started! This week, I will be bringing you a lot of cool news and a new blogpost (and, as I mentioned, a new Parting of Veils episode). There is a lot going on here, I just needed to sort it all out. :D For starters, I am happy to announce that I am part of the Indie Pride Day Brain to Books Book Blast. The Book Blast will take place July 1-2 and will feature many great indie authors. During the event, my book series, The Birthrite, will be going on it's first blog tour. The tour will be small (though I plan to send it on a larger one

Reflecting on Recent Tragedies

Hi everyone, With all that's going on right now and all that's happened in the last couple weeks there is a lot I could say. The incident with Harambe the Gorilla was just an all out tragedy and difficult situation for all parties involved. Then there was the Stanford rape incident in which I say thankfully there were two young men who could have just kept riding their bikes passed the dumpster, choosing to not get involved. But instead they did get involved and the perpetrator was caught, thanks to those two young men. Then there was the brutal killing of 50 of our brothers and sisters in Orlando, followed by the tragedy involving a toddler and an alligator in the same city. Of course, in the wake of tragedy, everyone rushes to social media to express heartfelt condolences, which is wonderful. But then those condolences are overrun with heated opinions and arguments over what "should have" or what "should" be done. People can't seem to rush to thei

As I Proceed with the Future Installments of My Book Series...

Happy Monday, everyone. So a few things I've been thinking about as I've been moving forward with the future installments of my book series. Nothing too urgent but still things that leave me a little puzzled. 1.) Why is it that the counter cultures of the 1950s almost never get talked about? Seriously, most of what IS said about that era is very one sided. It actually surprises me a little that modern day writers, filmmakers, etc haven't jumped on that (I did a google search for novels set in the beat/art house setting or about greasers, teddy boys/girls, etc because I wanted to see what modern 21st century writers were doing with it. Nada, apparently.). Usually if anyone does write about that time, it's "the usual stuff." And my response to those that might answer with "but...but that was all considered taboo by polite society back then!" is as follows: so was jazz in the 1920s/30s, so was heavy metal in the 1980s. Hell, even the