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Interview with Historical Blogger/Costumer/Singer/Musician Eliza Vincz

  photo by Lindsey Loves History Hey everyone! I am really looking forward to presenting this next interview. I very randomly came across Eliza Vincz on Instagram. If memory serves me correctly, I believe we saw and liked a couple of each other's posts and then started following the other from there. This is also how I came across her blog, Silk and Sass 1776 (and if you haven't checked it out yet, it's definitely worth a read). Aside from her blog being quite an enjoyable read, many things about it really resonated with me, particularly her approach to researching and interpreting history (which we get into later in the interview). She also talks of her days cross-dressing as a redcoat (her words!), performing with her fiance, and how the Victorians just might have ruined everything when it comes to how we view human history. So read on and enjoy!  TA: First, tell us a little about yourself and how you got into the craziness of making period clothes, per