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Historic Dobbin House Tavern (Gettysburg, PA)

Hey there! As summer starts drawing to a close and the weather is getting cooler, many of us -myself included - are looking back on the many things this season brought. For me it was a lot of gigs and travel. As someone very much involved in the history world, I naturally love to visit historic towns and Gettysburg is among my favorites. There is just something about a town that is steeped in so much history along with paranormal sightings. As the Halloween season draws nigh, we will be getting into a little more of haunted history, particularly when I discuss the Farnsworth Inn. But in the meantime, I will talk about one of my other favorite places in Gettysburg, the Dobbin House Tavern. This is one of those places that I always make a point to visit anytime visiting Gettysburg.The Dobbin House has quite an interesting history in itself as having played a role in the underground railroads during the time of the Civil War. It is Gettysburg's old historic home, built in 17

A Week of My Summer Travels: Old Fort Niagara

Hey there! This summer, I did quite a bit of traveling, whether that was for music gigs, living history, or simply for pleasure. And of course I had every intent of posting on it shortly after whatever trip I had returned from, but alas, duty called at the museum, gym, music gigs, rehearsals, etc. So, in lieu of that, I decided to do a week of my summer travels, posting a little on each of the places I had been this summer every day. And I decided to begin with Old Fort Niagara, which I attended on Fourth of July weekend. I attended the Old Fort Niagara French and Indian War event, having a great time with friends and my French Unit, Compagnie LeBeouf. In addition to having a great time and catching up with old friends and making some new ones, being here really ignited my desire to learn artillery and fight as a French soldier in the battles. I am going to be learning all of this and am planning as a 2020 Fort Niagara goal to help demonstrate all of this. It will be interestin

Inside the Labyrinth, Ep 26: Carol Greiner and Cooking on an 18th Cenutry Frontier

In this episode, I interview Carol Greiner at the Neville House's Cooking at an 18th century frontier event. It was quite a successful event, and I thank Carol for sticking around afterward to do this interview! ********** Thank you for reading! Go on a five day journey through time with me and receive a song or mystical story each day! Begin your journey here: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: ANTIQUITY & ILLUSION SHOP: https://antiquityillusion.bigcartelcom/ BANDCAMP: OTHER MUSICAL PROJECTS: WAYWARD COMPANIONS: PITTSBURGH HISTORICAL MUSIC SOCIETY: