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The Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Trilogy Corrupted Me as a Youth...and I'm Glad it Did :D

Those of us born in the 1980s I think had it pretty good. We got all the good Nickelodeon shows ( You Can't Do That On Television, Are You Afraid of the Dark, All That, Roundhouse, all the cool Euro-anime-esque cartoon shows like Spartakus), Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, books like Wait Til Helen Comes and Dollhouse Murders. All those were awesome and at the risk of sounding uber condescending, I feel for the kids who grew up without all that we 80s and 90s kids got. But what really stands out for me was a summer night before I started second grade. On that night, my parents went out for the evening and of course (since I was seven and my sisters were five and three) our baby-sitter came over to watch us. It was a beautiful night and we were sitting outside at around dusk. I forget what I was doing that had me so distracted, but I hardly noticed my baby-sitter go to get something out from her bag. Next thing I know, I hear this high-pitched almost witch-like voic

Three Book Reviews: Sunken Park, The Dark Priesthood: The Confessions of Malevolence, and The Selkie Secret

A couple Sundays ago, I recommended two books from my bookshelf: Sara Brooke's Sunken Park and Sai Marie Johnson's The Selkie Secret. Having interviewed the two women in question and did a cover reveal for Sunken Park prior to its release, I decided the next course of action would be to review the books. So here goes. The reviews for Sunken Park by Sarah Brooke, and The Selkie Secret and The Dart Priesthood by Sai Marie Johnson. :) Sunken Park is the latest effort by Horror Author, Sarah Brooke and let me tell you, as short as it is, it takes you for a ride. In the beginning, we meet a group of four college students (Brett, Carrie, Anita, and Roy) out on a road trip but at a bit of loss when it comes to their final destination. The come across an old but appealing looking brochure for Sunken Park, a retreat deep in the wilderness. It looks like a cheap and peaceful good time, so the four decide to take a chance. Upon their arrival, odd things begin to happen almost

Interview with Author, Sai Marie Johnson

Sai Marie Johnson is quite the unique writer (and I mean that in a good way). I first discovered her on the Paranormal Reads Facebook page when they were advertising one of her books, "The Dark Priesthood." It was a quick read but enough to hold my interest in checking out more of her work (my next Sai Marie Johnson experience was "The Selkie Secret"). Check out more on this really versatile writer in the interview below, and also check out some of her works. :)   TA: First, tell our lovely readers a little about yourself. SMJ: Well, I am a twenty-nine year old college student attending Full Sail University. I am specializing my studies in Creative Writing, and will have a Bachelor's degree as of Fall 2014. When I am not battling my way through a story, or sorting through a character's emotions, I spend most of my time with my family.  TA: As someone who has been writing since a young age, what is the first story you can recall havin

Interview with Horror and Fantasy Author, Jason Barthelemy

A couple years ago, I was writing book reviews for the website, and during that time, I was introduced to a new author by the name of Jason Barthelemy. He had just released his first novel, "Doguhn" and it sounded like something up my ally. Well, when I read it I was blown away by the world he created and the characters (in fact, you can read my review of Doguhn at the Horrornews website). Thanks to social media, he and I have remained in touch (during which I also discovered him to be a fan of H.P. Lovecraft). He has new works in progress to look for soon and in this interview, he discusses his stories, writing rituals, and Lovecraft! Read on and check out his works. TA: A little while back, I reviewed your book, Doguhn and enjoyed it immensely (it's actually among my favorite reads). Tell a little about it and how it came into fruition. JB: First of all, I want to thank you for the kind words and the opportunity of this interview. Fe