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Colony Drive-Verse Flash Fiction Series: Romancing Elena

This is the beginning of a three-part flashfiction series taking place within the Stories from Colony Drive Universe . This was an experiment of sorts since I enjoy playing around with my little universes . Romancing Elena takes place sometime between Dusk to Dawn and the forthcoming The Twisting House (the first story in this series of short stories is the free ebook, The Cemetery by the Lake). This is not the fully edited version and I'll place it on Smashwords likely as a free download when all is said and done. But like I did with the first draft of Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1), I'll have alot of fun experimenting a little with this in the meantime. Hope you enjoy. :) Romancing Elena Part 1 Elena shut the door to her apartment, relieved to be surrounded by quiet. She had seen Craig with his new wife, apparantely just having returned from their honeymoon in Venice. Jane seemed nice enough, if a little young. Elena stalked across the sitting ar

Sneak Peek: Sacred Atonement (The Birthrite Series, #1.5) Novella Excerpt

Hey all, As I work on the edits for the first two books in The Birthrite Series, I bring you an excerpt from the spin off novella about Jimmy and Linda that takes place after the events in Descent and prior to those in Kindred (book 2). Sacred Atonement will be released either around or at the same time as Descent this early summer. Unlike Descent, Sacred Atonement has less Horror and Dark Fantasy themes and falls more into the Paranormal Romance category, though it does aid in carrying the story, and more information that carries into Kindred is found out in this novella as well. I will also add that if you do not want ANY spoilers at all before beginning the series, then don't read this excerpt (though this excerpt does not contain any huge, major spoilers, just teensy tiny ones...and if you were reading along as I posted the first draft of Descent, you have a pretty good idea of the events leading in already). Otherwise, read after the jump. :)

The Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Trilogy Corrupted Me as a Youth...and I'm Glad it Did :D

Those of us born in the 1980s I think had it pretty good. We got all the good Nickelodeon shows ( You Can't Do That On Television, Are You Afraid of the Dark, All That, Roundhouse, all the cool Euro-anime-esque cartoon shows like Spartakus), Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, books like Wait Til Helen Comes and Dollhouse Murders. All those were awesome and at the risk of sounding uber condescending, I feel for the kids who grew up without all that we 80s and 90s kids got. But what really stands out for me was a summer night before I started second grade. On that night, my parents went out for the evening and of course (since I was seven and my sisters were five and three) our baby-sitter came over to watch us. It was a beautiful night and we were sitting outside at around dusk. I forget what I was doing that had me so distracted, but I hardly noticed my baby-sitter go to get something out from her bag. Next thing I know, I hear this high-pitched almost witch-like voic

Giveaway of "Dusk to Dawn"

Hey all, Before my big exciting blogpost today (and before I put the final mixes on "The Cemetery by the Lake" audiobook version), I'm announcing a giveaway of my newest ebook, "Dusk to Dawn." From today until Saturday, May 9 (two weeks), "Dusk to Dawn" will be free on Smashwords with a coupon code. To utilize it, simply go to the Dusk to Dawn Smashwords Page , click the 'Buy' button, and then use the following coupon code upon checking out: XW45M The coupon code will be valid for two weeks until Saturday, May 9. So take advantage now, and I just may do such a giveaway with future releases as well. And, don't forget, The Cemetery by the Lake Ebook  is always free at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and iTunes. :) ****** My stories, "The Cemetery by the Lake" and "Dusk to Dawn" are available at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble NOOK. More retailers will follow, but Smashwords is pretty compatible with mo

Two Behind the Scenes Videos and What's Coming Next on the Blog :)

Hey all, Here are a couple (very short) behind the scenes videos from a recent photo shoot (in a cemetery) and from my recording of the audio book for The Cemetery by the Lake which should be released next week on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. And coming up in a new blogpost is something I'm sure anyone who grew up in the 1980s and/or 90s would probably remember. So stay tuned this Thusday! :) And if you haven't yet, check out the first draft intro paragraph of my new short story (and follow up to Cemetery and Dusk to Dawn) , The Twisting House So I'll be back Thursday with a new blogpost. I think you all will enjoy this one. :) ****** My stories, "The Cemetery by the Lake" and "Dusk to Dawn" are available at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble NOOK. More retailers will follow, but Smashwords is pretty compatible with most e-reader and PC formats. Tiffany Apan at Smashwords  and Amazon "The Cemetery by the Lake" at S

New Short Story to Follow Up The Cemetery by the Lake and Dusk to Dawn...

A small preview of my forthcoming short, The Twisting House . :) ****** My stories, "The Cemetery by the Lake" and "Dusk to Dawn" are available at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble NOOK. More retailers will follow, but Smashwords is pretty compatible with most e-reader and PC formats. Tiffany Apan at Smashwords  and Amazon "The Cemetery by the Lake" at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble NOOK "Dusk to Dawn" at Smashwords Tiffany on Goodreads My music is also available at CDBaby Tiffany on IMDb Official Website The Birthrite Series Website Tiffany's Official Blog Support great authors and independent bookstores at Smashwords and Indiebound

Three Book Reviews: Sunken Park, The Dark Priesthood: The Confessions of Malevolence, and The Selkie Secret

A couple Sundays ago, I recommended two books from my bookshelf: Sara Brooke's Sunken Park and Sai Marie Johnson's The Selkie Secret. Having interviewed the two women in question and did a cover reveal for Sunken Park prior to its release, I decided the next course of action would be to review the books. So here goes. The reviews for Sunken Park by Sarah Brooke, and The Selkie Secret and The Dart Priesthood by Sai Marie Johnson. :) Sunken Park is the latest effort by Horror Author, Sarah Brooke and let me tell you, as short as it is, it takes you for a ride. In the beginning, we meet a group of four college students (Brett, Carrie, Anita, and Roy) out on a road trip but at a bit of loss when it comes to their final destination. The come across an old but appealing looking brochure for Sunken Park, a retreat deep in the wilderness. It looks like a cheap and peaceful good time, so the four decide to take a chance. Upon their arrival, odd things begin to happen almost

My Stories Are Available Now on Amazon Kindle

Alright, folks. For those who were waiting for my stories to be available at Amazon Kindle, the link to The Cemetery by the Lake on Amazon is below (and Dusk to Dawn should be following it shortly). Like I said in a previous post, Amazon wouldn't let me offer it for free in the submissions process. So until I (hopefully) figure it out (maybe pick the brains of some authors who do offer a story or two of theirs for free on that site) it is listed on Amazon as being 0.99. If you don't mind paying that, I do apologize and I appreciate it. BUT, Smashwords does have a Kindle friendly format, and it is free there (I added the link to the Smashwords page under the amazon link) as well as at Barnes & Noble and iTunes. Thanks guys! The Cemetery by the Lake on Amazon Kindle The Cemetery by the Lake FREE on Smashwords With that said, a couple new book reviews coming later. :) And Dusk to Dawn is now available at iTunes   :) ****** My short story, "The Cemetery

The Cemetery by the Lake on Amazon Kindle

Ok. So while my short story The Cemetery by the Lake should be available on Amazon Kindle today (Friday), it unfortunately is priced at 0.99 (I say unfortunately because it's supposed to be a free ebook and is everywhere else) until I can figure out how to offer it for free (it wouldn't let me do it in the submission process). If you don't mind paying the 0.99, I am sorry and I do appreciate it. :) However, it IS still free on Smashwords, NOOK, and iTunes/Apple and I will try to see about making it free on Amazon as promised. :) Thanks guys! :) ****** My short story, "The Cemetery by the Lake" is now available at Smashwords as a FREE download. More retailers will follow, but Smashwords is pretty compatible with most e-reader and PC formats. Tiffany Apan at Smashwords The Cemetery by the Lake at Smashwords Dusk to Dawn at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble NOOK My music is also available at CDBaby Tiffany on IMDb Official Website The Birthrite Ser

Audiobooks in the Future :)

So, I've been considering doing audiobooks for some of my works and after some research, I've found that there is a way to upload to amazon and audible without a 'middle-man' of sorts. The first will be The Cemetery by the Lake followed by Dusk to Dawn. I do plan to do one for each book in the Birthrite Series, but since those books will be longer, I will have to give more thought to the production process of that one than for the shorts. And I plan to do the narrations since a.) I have access to professional equipment to record it on                                                         b.) I know my own schedule and when I can get it done instead of relying on someone else to do it.                                                         c.) I do have experience with narrating stuff                                                         d.) I wrote the stories, so I know how I want them told I will post samples at my Soundcloud page when they are fini

Dusk to Dawn is Here and You Guys Are the First to Know! :)

Hey all, I'm excited to announce that my new short, Dusk to Dawn is now available at Smashwords and will soon be available at other retailers as well. :) The horrors of the food industry awaits you... Along the side of a dark highway, the Dusk to Dawn Diner awaits your arrival Somewhere between Interstate 80 and 309 in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Trina, Lisa, and Kevin respond to a Help Wanted sign on the door of the Dusk to Dawn Diner. The diner lives up to its name, only open from dusk to dawn. One night, Kevin's attention is drawn to the padlocked room said to be used for storage after hearing strange noises behind the door. What begins as an ordinary night of work unravels into a night of terror. A night in which some may not make it out alive. Dusk to Dawn is part of a series of connected short stories that take place primarily in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Dusk to Dawn (A Short Story) at Smashwords Thanks alot and hope you enj

"Dusk to Dawn"...

...will be uploaded to Smashwords tonight and definitely available tomorrow. Sorry it's taking a few more days. I'm still getting the hand of this whole self-publishing books thing! :) Also, as I was doing the final edit, I began to get new ideas about making "Dusk to Dawn" and "The Cemetery by the Lake" part of a series of connected short stories that take place in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area. What was meant to only be an 'Easter egg' began taking shape into something more and now it's growing into yet another monstrosity (though not quite the monstrosity the Birthrite Series is). I do find myself wanting to revisit Craig and Jane (of "Cemetery") again in the future... So yes, the story will be uploaded to Smashwords tonight and fully released tomorrow. Thanks for your patience as I continue trying to become fully technologically savvy at this. :) ****** My short story, "The Cemetery by the Lake" is now ava

"Dusk to Dawn" Final Draft Sample

Here is an excerpt before it is released on Smashwords tomorrow. :) Dusk to Dawn The diner sat on the edge of the woods along a highway, somewhere between Interstate 80 and 309. Every so often, the occasional local would wander in after a heavy night of drinking, but the main cliental consisted of travelers passing through. No one really knew how long it had been in existence, as it seemed to appear along the road out of nowhere. But such details are typically of little importance to the all night traveler seeking temporary refuge from the open road. The diner lived up to its name, open from dusk to dawn; a rather unusual business model, but Dusk to Dawn Diner managed to maintain enough cliental to not only remain in business, but even place a Help Wanted sign in one of the front windows. A sign three individuals responded to. Three people with no prior knowledge of the others’ existence until the night they started training together. Trina, Lisa, and Kevin began their s