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Whiskey Tasting and Liberty Pole Spirits

For those that follow history, July commemorates the height of the whiskey tax that took place in what is now Washington, Pennsylvania and the rebellion that arose from it. My traditional Celtic music group, Wayward Companions , are often called upon to perform at such events that commemorate and reenact the historic event on which the farmers making whiskey to have as a means of trade for goods of survival was now being taxed by the government. Now, the governments reasoning for the tax was to use it as a way to compensate veterans of the revolution. On the farmers' end, however, they were barely making enough to survive and for many, having a bartering system with the whiskey was the difference between being able to eat or not. As a result, the farmers rose up, rebelling against the tax and forming the Mingo Creek Society. The society set up liberty poles as a way of demonstratng their unity. One of Wayward Companions' most recent gigs was the whiskey tasting event at Woodv

Friendship Day at the Depreciation Lands Museum

The weekend of May 20 was a busy one, between promoting the webseries  Heroineburgh at 3 Rivers Comic Con and then a gig with my 18th century folk music group, Wayward Companions at the Depreciation Lands Museum's Friendship Day event. It was a fun event and as always, we enjoyed performing and did a mostly Irish set. Long overdue video of that event will be up soon, but in the meantime, here are some photos from the event. :) 18th century potter, Mike Flaherty and his wares.:   I might have just a slight obsession with his stuff as I own several mugs he's made... I think I might have been doing something like watching Gladiator and drinking a giant mug of tea or coffee. One of the two.  And here is Paul Claus with his jacked leatherware. He's not as frightening as he appears... :D And last but not least, here are some photos from the after party. Me with my vintage leopard print sunglasses. :) Here's two of my Wayward Companion

3 Rivers Comic Con and Heroineburgh

Hey there! Just sharing some photos from my appearance promoting the webseries Heroineburgh as my character, Darbouka/Darsha Bukhari at 3 Rivers Comic Con a couple weeks ago. :)   Headed out the door... :)   Donning the Darbouka cape..   Taking some photos of the Heroineburgh table... Coffee break inside the VIP room...   And they gave us all hand sanitzer... And then I walked around and took a few more photos And last but not least, a picture of us "heroines" Check out the Heroineburgh website. :)