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Ghostly Songs and Tales...

Hey there! So yes, I'm catching up on blogposts, a couple of them being from Halloween. As many of you know, I pretty much live for Halloween (old news to those that have been following me for a while) and am often very busy during the month of October. This year (2018) was no different. One event that I was part of this year was a concert event put together by my friend Chuck Owston, featuring multiple musicians. The theme was Songs that Go Bump in the Night (consisting of dark and ghost tales and murder ballads) and took place at the North Versailles Public Library in North Versailles, PA. It was a fun night (even though I started coming down with a cold shortly after I went on) and the songs I performed with Chuck included Three Pale Queens (based on Arthurian legend), Skellig (a Loreena McKennitt cover), She Waits Upon the Shore (a Chuck Owston original), and Pretty Polly (an Appalachian murder ballad).  Chuck and I performing She Waits Upon the Shore Photos of


Well hello! After a brief break from blogging and podcasting, I'm back at it. And I am returning with an interview! I met Kara Gordon at Fort Henry Days during Labor Day Weekend when Wayward Companions and I were performing throughout the weekend. I got a chance to catch Kara's lecture on 18th century clothing and it excited me when she got to the myth busting part.  As I've stated before, I absolutely love myth busting and when I come across fellow myth busters, my heart leaps with pure joy.  Kara has been sewing since she was a child and even had a chance to work in Colonial Williamsburg, so I am really excited to feature her. I hope you enjoy this very insightful interview! :) TA: So first, tell us a little about yourself and how you developed an interest in period costuming and attire. KG: I think I first started to be interested in sewing and historic clothing when I was about nine or ten. My mom taught me how to sew, after teaching herself first, and

A Haunting: "The Deacon" (Depreciation Lands Museum, Allison Park, PA)

So even with Halloween over I had to squeeze in one last post! Those of you that keep up with my endeavors over the last couple years have likely read of my many adventures in the world of living history. One place I have done quite a bit with is the Depreciation Lands Museum in Allison Park, PA. Over the years, living history and reenacting has become a great part of my life, being interwoven into my musical and writing endeavors. Of course, I love history and learning of those that came before us, for we can learn much from our predecessors. And oftentimes, what we may uncover can be surprising and even might oppose what we are typically told. In addition to discovering new uncharted territory in the realm of those that came before us, I also have been able to explore more options when it comes to my fictional, non-fiction, and songwriting. I was also given opportunity to explore its haunted history. You see, along with being a haven for folks wishing for a journey into the