Monday, May 14, 2018

Wayne's Legion Militia Encampment Event at Woodville

So just as I was winding down from Fort Frederick, it was not too long before I was on my way to another event, this one being the Wayne's Legion Militia Encampment Event at the Woodville Plantation in Bridgeville, PA. While my traditional folk music group, Wayward Companions have performed and done quite a few events here (just this past weekend we performed a candlelight concert with the Pittsburgh Historical Music Society Orchestra, which we are affiliated with), I recently have been added to their roster of tour guides, which is pretty cool. I'm also helping them out with things like period attire and some of their programs. This is a cool group of people and if you haven't visited the Neville House at Woodville and you'll be in the area this summer, make sure you do so. :)

For starters, I recently and finally completed a new outfit that I started sewing a couple years ago. It was finished just in time for the Wayne's Legion event and now I look forward to adding it to my options of 18th century attire. :)

Upon my arrival, I was able to capture some photos of the soldiers about to drill, along with the blacksmith and the encampment area prior to the public's arrival. The specific time and war that they are reenacting is the Whiskey Rebellion (1791-1794), when a militia was brought in to defend the Neville House (the Neville were among those taxing the whiskey, therefore making them not too well-liked by the average person at one time).

I also wanted to point this clock out. It is the original clock owned by one of the inhabitants of the Neville House, Christopher Cowen, who lived in the house during the early part of the 19th century.

In between tours, I ventured over to where a few sutlers were. Pictured below are Wild Willy's Powder Horns and Skrimshaw, Old Plank Forge, and The Wylde Celt.

I will also add that the fine gentlemen of  The Wylde Celt and Old Plank Forge also help with running the Whiskey Rebellion Festival, where Wayward Companions will be returning to this summer (we will be on the main stage and then at the Bradford House).

 All three of these men have some really cool wares. You can catch them at reenacting events, festivals (The Whiskey Rebellion being one), and show them some love online:
Old Plank Forge Website
The Wylde Celt on Facebook
Wild Willy's Powderhorns Website

These were also some gorgeous flowers growing on the site's grounds and I got to take some of them home. :)

There are also Dominique chickens on the property. They are quite a popular attraction, especially among the children that love feeding them raisins. Dominique chickens are considered to be America's oldest breed and would likely have been residents of several farms. They were particularly popular in the late 18th century.

An last but not least, this photo taken of me by Susan O'Toole, one of Woodville's coordinators. :)

If you would like to visit The Neville House at Woodville this summer (and you might just end up with me as your tour guide!), visit their website for more info. :)

Neville House at Woodville

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