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INTERVIEW: Author Francis H. Powell

Over the years, I have met many cool and unique individuals online. Author Francis Powell has been one of those individuals. After we connected via Facebook last year, he did an interesting guest post for this blog. Shortly thereafter, he invited me to be part of a Halloween blog hop he was hosting (I've also been part of a Christmas blog hop and most recently, the Love is Blind Valentines Day blog hop hosted by him). Now I'm bringing him back to my blog for an interview. So read and enjoy and check out his work, Flight of Destiny at Amazon and other retailers.  TA:    For those discovering you and your work for the first time, tell a little about yourself and the kind of stories you write. How would you describe your works? FP:  I write short stories. My first published book is called Flight of Destiny. My publisher describes my stories as being “Dystopian”    I usually describe them as Dark Fiction with elements of wit. A reviewer wrote, “ They're a lit

#Loveisblindbloghop, Day 3: An ancient ghost tale about love gone completely wrong...

Greetings and Happy Valentines or Singles Awareness Day! I apologize for this post going up a little late today, but I was feeling under the weather yesterday, went to sleep for a long time and realized that I forgot to schedule this post for today. But better late than never. Today, I bring you what was episode 5 of my webseries, The Parting of Veils, where my good friend Chuck Owston tells an old Viking ghost tale about love gone completely wrong... The Song of the Sorrowing Harp And as a bonus, here is Loreena McKennitt's song, The Bonny Swans, which was one of many works inspired by the tale. From now until March 1, you can get the ebook of my novel, Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1) for free at Smashwords: Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1) free with coupon code until March 1 at Smashwords with coupon code. Simply enter the code    YB27E at checkout. :) http://francishpowellauthor. hop.html ****

Love is Blind Blog Hop, Day 1: Interview with Author Deanna Dee

Valentines Day draw nigh which means that the #Loveisblind blog hop is on (running from Feb 12-15)! For day 1, author Deanna Dee and I exchanged interviews. Read on for what she had to say and where to check her books out. And then hop on over to her site for her interview with me, coming soon at  :) TA:  What's your ideal Valentine’s Day? DD:  Nothing fancy. I’m a hang out and watch a movie type of person. TA:  What's your favorite kind of candy? DD:   M and M’s, preferably of the dark chocolate variety. TA:  Are there romantic elements in your stories? If so how is the romantic factor used? DD:  There are, and I guess I’d consider my books sweet, fun romances. My characters go on dates that involve games and fun stuff. TA: Do you find writing a good romantic scene easy or difficult? DD:  Somewhere in the middle, depending on the scene. Tapping into the emotions isn’t too tough, but getting the words just write can be chall

Sex in the Middle Ages or "Privates on Parade" and 18th Century Womens Buttoned Up Fashions?

Just in time for Valentines Day. Yes, either romance is in the air or the day is fondly regarded as 'singles awareness day' by some. And then there are those that are indifferent, single or not. The holiday itself is shrouded in mystery. Also known as St. Valentines Day, the holiday embodies both ancient Roman and early Christian traditions. The legends surrounding the person called St. Valentine are also pretty interesting (there are at least three known legends out there). In each legend, Valentine is shown as a romantic, heroic martyr who fought for love in one form or another. There are also theories as to why the holiday itself is placed in the middle of February. Some say this is the anniversary of his death (which likely occurred around A.D. 270) and others say it was an attempt by the early church to Christianize the pagan holiday Lupercalia (interestingly, a holiday dedicated to the gods of agriculture, though there was some 'marriage pairing' that took plac