Monday, January 30, 2017

what my pages and work are all about...

This is a video from a music gig I recently did with the historic music group, Wayward Companions. One song we almost always do at the end of our gigs is the song "Drunken Sailor" and it is one that we make audience participation because a song like this is more fun that way.
I also enjoy this because it is something brings everyone together at the end and all are together and on the same page. No one is judging anyone either, even if someone messes up. Just everyone having a good time.

It is also always a pleasure performing for historical re-enactors (as was the case with this gig) because it truly is made up of people from all backgrounds, walks of life, races, ethnicities. All are people with an honest interest in history and humanity throughout the ages. It's all different kinds of people re-enacting history because all sorts of people lived throughout history. And, as I said in my blog post, Why I Am Involved with Living History, all their stories need to be told.
There is a reason for my dedication "to those who have been forgotten with time" at the start of my book series, The Birthrite.
THIS is what I decided to continue doing throughout this current messy political climate. I will continue promoting only love on my pages and everywhere else. I will continue bringing history to light and giving great (yes, great) historical figures the credit they deserve. I think there is much more there that connects people, not separate them. And people can listen or not listen. If it's not PC enough or doesn't fit a certain narrative, well I will bluntly say, too bad.

THIS is what my pages will be about. Love, friends, and a neverending search for truth.


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Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Thoughts on the 2017 Inauguration

I can wax philosophical about the inauguration, but I have a busy day and only have energy to devote to the following:
- BE that change that you want to see happen and never 100% rely on politicians to do it for you. It is also up to us to better ourselves and our lives.
- Thank you to the Bush's, the Clintons, the Obamas, and, yes, the Trumps for showing a great deal of class during the inauguration (and thanks to G.W. for the hilarious poncho moment). Thank you Barack Obama for your 8 years of service. To Donald Trump, please represent us well. If he doesn't we can hold him accountable. To former president George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush, I wish you both a fast recovery.
- Get out of your echo chambers. Both of you (Dems and Repubs, as well as everyone else). I also highly recommend adding "Propaganda" by Edward Bernays to your reading list.
- two wrongs don't make a right. Destroying property and businesses that are people's livelihood will not change the outcome, nor will it make your life any better. It also will do nothing to endear people to your cause and will only prove the point of those that oppose you. Just sayin.
- And please, for the love of all that is holy and sacred to you, don't be lazy. FACT CHECK before posting an article. Just because it's on your news source of choice doesn't mean it's the absolute truth. There's been too much BS going around and I can't tell you how many times I've seen articles posted that turned out to be false, And if your excuse is "but...but...okay, maybe this article is false but this stuff really does happen!" Then go look for an article of a similar incident that is actually true and post that one instead. Because otherwise you are basically saying that it is okay to skew facts as long as it fits your viewpoint. At the very least, use Snopes (though if I had my way, there would be a TON of book reading, of book reading, website and news article perusing, libraries would be packed, and their would a lot of discussing on the subjects being studied).

And here is an interesting video that I and I'm sure many others out there can certainly relate to:

Enjoy your weekend, everyone. :)


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Paperback copies of Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1) are available for the low price of $17.00 at my Official Website

My store and product line, Antiquity & Illusion is now available online at my website's store and at Storevny. If your a first time visitor, enter the coupon code, ANTIQUITY for 15% off of your entire first order. Note that this discount is only available at the website store. I will be setting something up for the Storenvy site very soon. :)

My music projects are available at CDBaby
My filmwork is on IMDb
"The Birthrite Series" and other books at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble NOOK
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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Spotlight on Author Sai Marie

Happy New Year and Happy 2017!

I hope the new year has been treating everyone well so far. :)

For my first post of the year, I am shining the spotlight on author, Sai Marie. She has written many works to date, but today we feature her fantasy series steeped in ancient lore, titled The Tales of Valisa.

Read below for a synopsis and excerpt The Tales of Valisa: The Rebellious Princess. And don't forget to check her out at her websites. :)

Sai Marie is a an author, poet, and independent journalist who enjoys writing stories for audiences of every age. Her range is very non-genre specific and her inspirations come from the quirkiest of places. Within this author lies a million worlds and even more characters than one could ever imagine finding, this is a woman who is a writer by every definition and her stories are sure to become favorites for readers from all walks of life

The Tales of Valisa Synopsis:

The Tales of Valisa: the Tamiran Elves Legacy debut book entitled, The Rebellious Princess, is about a young elven princess who grows bored with the monotony of life around her. With a desire for adventure, and a need to find an old friend, Irek of Grevacia, Princess Analise Alehandra Tamira embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Unbeknownst to Analise her father, Lord Marcus Scipio has many enemies lying past the veil lands in the Qaterlain. Soon Analise finds herself lost within the Draconic city of Akirex'Xal where a barbaric King, Oarxxas Va'ie takes her captive. Will Queen Tri'Shena, and King Marcus ever see their beloved daughter again? Find out in this premiere book in the Tamiran Legacy series.

The Tales of Valisa: The Rebellious Princess (Excerpt)

Irek trembled in the middle of the night, waking instantly to sit straight up in his bed with only one thing clear and apparent in his mind: Analise. How he wished he could be with her now to explain to her why he had disappeared without a trace and yet as he brought his hands up to run through his hair he closed his eyes tightly and sighed. It was impossible. There was no way he was ever going to be able to go back to Valisa to tell Analise anything and that was why the nightmares wouldn’t desist. It had been so long since he had set his eyes on the radiant beauty that he simply called Ana. 
“I can’t say what I want to, and I so wish I had when I first had the chance.” He spoke aloud to no one but himself and sighing once more flung the blanket from his legs, “But now I’ll never be able to tell you and seeing you is forbidden to me.” The conversation he had first had with his father upon the revelation that he had entered the Elven domain had been the deciding factor in why he was unable to return to her even to say goodbye.
“Can I not go see her one last time at least to say goodbye, mother?” Irek plead looking from her to his father with an uncertainty he had never fathomed.
“No. You should have never met her to begin with, Irek! You were explicitly told of the terms of our treaty with their King, and it meant staying out of their territory. You broke the treaty and were fortunate to get out alive with no penalties. I cannot risk that again.” Madras stated sternly.
“But father she caused me no harm, she did nothing and she could have. Please, perhaps it would strengthen
diplomatic ties if I did return. Surely progress to peace can be sustained without segregation of our races.” Irek said matter-of-factly. Kharisa sighed looking between her husband and son before speaking.
“Irek, I understand you have come to care for this girl quite a lot. However, if your father and I permit you to break the terms of the treaty we could be bringing the lives of all of our people into great danger.” She quieted for a moment and looked to Madras, “Madras, I think Irek does have a great mind for diplomacy and his wishes to say goodbye to the girl aren’t unfounded. “
“Irek you are next in line to be the King of Grevacia. You could marry any of the princesses in the next four kingdoms and yet you want to go visit this elven girl? To say goodbye? You are a prince with obligations and upholding the treaty is one of them! You are absolutely not to visit Valisa ever again and that is by order of the King!” Madras’ voice grew louder and louder with each word until upon finishing his statement he tapped his scepter on the ground with some amount of force. To that Irek simply shook his head and rolled his eyes.
“You know, father, for the theatrics you’re quite good. I wonder what you can do to the next in line to the throne though? Since by your order I am a slave it seems.” Irek turned around and began walking away from his parents in silence. His head remained level and he strode with a confidence his mother had never expected to see from him.
“Irek,” Kharisa began, “What are you doing? Irek?” She called after her only son pleadingly as he continued to walk away.
“If I cannot be my own man and make my own decisions for the betterment of myself and my future kingdom then I will not be a King. He can keep Grevacia’s precious legacy all to himself,” Irek spun on his heel and brought his right arm before his stomach giving a slight bow, “Your highnesses, I bid thee farewell.” Kharisa’s eyebrows arose as her mouth fell agape and with a jagged inhalation of breath she attempted to fight back the tears she felt rising in her throat.
“Irek, no!” Queen Kharisa’s voice broke as a wail escaped her lips and she buried her face in her hands, “Oh my son, no.” Madras peered back at Kharisa as Irek vanished through the doors which produced a loud reverberating thud when he slammed it shut behind him. 
“Good riddance, Irek. You are nothing to me anymore.” Madras exclaimed in anger, pounding his left hand into his armrest with a sneer plastered across his lips, “All for the likes of an elf! That fool of a boy!” 
As Irek broke free of the memory he shuddered and stood up. He had stood up to his father. He had walked out the door and allowed it to slam hard behind him, but it didn’t mute the sound of his mother’s wails. And those wails were the call that drew him back, it was never an easy task for a man to wrestle choosing between all he knows and the unknown with the love he feels for a woman. The pull of his mother’s cries brought him right back into the room to hear his father curse him for feeling for an elf. To Irek the nightmares were a reminder of that choice and now four days since he had first told them about Ana he still could not break free of the yearning he felt to the depth of his soul to see her. Just one more time. 
It’s because you’re just a common elf girl. If you were a princess he might feel differently. Hell, if you were a common human girl he would likely bless us. Irek’s mind raced with so many thoughts he could do nothing but fall back against his mattress and shake his head. 
Tap. Tap. Tap.
The sound of knocking on his door brought the prince out of his contemplation. 
“Yes?” Irek replied softly.
“Your highness, the Queen has requested your presence for breakfast in the parlor and sent me to fetch you.” The servant girl spoke gently through the door. Irek walked to the door and opened it waving the servant girl into the room.
“Come, I need water in my basin to bathe.” He said quietly turning away to begin unbuttoning his shirt and gesturing the servant to enter his quarters.
“Yes, your Highness,” replied the girl as she strode inside holding a pitcher of water already on her way to pour into Irek’s basin. Irek watched her closely as she filled the basin and then waited a moment for the infamous curtsy of appreciation that cued him to approach his basin. The girl turned and bowed her head, gathering up her skirts as she regarded the Crown Prince. Irek half smiled and waved her away politely.
“No need for formalities, dear. Thank you, be on your way.” He waved as he approached the basin. He leant down to gather up water in his palms and tossed it into his face just as he heard the sound of his door closing. Irek knew what his mother wanted, for him to behave as if Analise meant nothing and he could find a new girl with ease. In truth he could but Irek didn’t want just any girl. He wanted the only girl he had ever really connected with and the more he was denied to see her the more he longed to rebel. But breaking Kharisa’s heart was something Irek could not do to his mother. As the sounds of the servant’s footsteps silenced Irek sighed longingly. But Irek had not been completely forthcoming with Analise never telling her that he was in fact the Crown Prince of Grevacia and would one day become king. Once more Irek shook his head and dried his face with a washcloth. He stared at his reflection for a moment before turning away to walk out of his room. Slowly he made his way down the hall and within moments could hear the soft banter of his parents’ conversation.
“Hush, Kharisa. Irek will be coming in any moment and I do not want him to hear your worries. They may prompt him to do something drastic and that is something we do not need.” Madras stated. He was a burly king and though not hugely overweight he had a bulging belly that reminded others of how little he had to do these days. From far more mead than any good king should need according to Queen Kharisa. 
“Madras, he is my son. I want him to be happy above all things, even above this kingdom. My worries are not unfounded and I feel if we host a ball there is bound to be some young maiden who will pick up the pieces of my boy’s tattered heart. Surely you would prefer that to him chasing down some elven common girl.” Kharisa stated matter-of-factly.
“I can’t say I wouldn’t but I don’t want him to get any fancy ideas by overhearing this, Kharisa.” Madras said perking his right brow as he peered back at his queen.
“I cannot say I’m not interested in hearing what you think I will do, father.” Irek stated as he slipped into the room. His arms were folded across his chest as he took lean against a pillar and cocked his head toward them both, “Pray, tell me what you feel is a fancy idea regarding Ana?” Irek finished speaking and nodded toward them both.
“Good evening, my son.” Kharisa began, “We were just discussing what sort of ball we should host and whom to invite.” Kharisa smiled as she finished speaking.
“I imagine a fancy one, as usual, mother.” Irek replied.
“Well, only the best for my son.” Kharisa said.
“I wager father wasn’t just discussing this ball, mother. So, tell me what do you consider a fancy idea, father?” Irek specifically directed the statement toward the king so that Kharisa could not reply according to protocol.
“A fancy idea would be breaking your mother’s heart by getting yourself in trouble the ways you usually do, Irek.” Madras responded.
“Oh, but of course you both treat me like a child who needs to be directed on everything I do. I wonder how I shall be king without your influence.” Irek replied with some degree of annoyance. He rolled his eyes and allowed his arms to fall to his sides as he continued to speak, “I’ll tell you what. You can save the ball for yourselves. No need to host it on my account because I will not be attending. Mother, I love you dearly. I always have and always will but if I am to be the King you’ve raised me to become I must do what my heart compels me to. I must go see her again and if I cannot get your blessings to do so then I shall return to beg your forgiveness but I will not pretend that she doesn’t matter. I cannot.” Irek slid his left arm across his stomach and gave a bow at the waist before erecting himself again, “I bid thee both farewell, your Highnesses.” Leaving his mother and father with their mouths agape, Irek turned about face and strode out of the room. Long strides brought him back to his chambers quickly and with a push against the oak door he slid inside. In moments he packed a small satchel with all he could think he might need and hurried out of his room. Irek knew he needed some sort of weapon for protection and possibly for hunting while he was gone, and realizing he knew little about the lands of Valisa himself he decided to make two stops before venturing off against his parents’ wishes. The first stop brought him to the castle library where he scanned the books closely for anything relevant to the elves. It took him a few moments but soon he found a leather bound book which appeared to have the story of the treaty between Grevacia and Valisa according to what one King Marcus Tamira and King Madras Elorin had agreed. Irek smiled and slid the book into his satchel to continue on his mission. Next he skipped down the hall to the armory where he slipped into the room with ease, “There’s something I will need to change,” he murmured to himself as he strode straight toward the one blade he knew he could count on most. It was called Valiant, and that it was. A beautiful sword crafted of the finest elven silver with a hilt that hosted a showering of blue topaz and white crystals. Long had Irek wanted to possess Valiant, and he felt this venture was the perfect time to take her. And so he did, lifting the blade from the wall with ease he adjusted his sheath and belt before grabbing a bow and arrows as well as a small dagger. Irek had no idea what he may need them for but he saw them as tools. Tools which were necessary if he wanted his chance to speak to Ana again. With a smile curling across his lips Irek sauntered out of the armory and began to walk toward the palace doors. Finally, one of his mother’s servants met up with him just before he exited his home.
“Your Majesty!” the servant called out to him, “Your Majesty, please wait! Your mother begs you to come speak to her. Please, your Highness, don’t be so rash. She only wants the best for you, milord.” The girl plead with a sound of urgency in her voice.
“I understand that my mother wants the best for me, but I am the person who must decide what that is. Not a one of you could possibly live my life for me nor can any of you know what my heart most desires. Only I can, and so I shall seek my way.” He shook his head and pushed the heavy door open with a quick shove. The servant peered back at him with a look of disbelief but no words fled her lips as the Crowned Prince of Grevacia walked right out of the only place he had ever known as home, and armed with the blade of legend that had once belonged to the Great Madras Quentir Elorin, King of Grevacia. The servant girl’s lips began to waver as she stared at the Prince walking away. But as with all things there was nothing she could say and so with a sigh she turned away as Irek began his journey after Analise.

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