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Spotlight on Author Sai Marie

Happy New Year and Happy 2017! I hope the new year has been treating everyone well so far. :) For my first post of the year, I am shining the spotlight on author, Sai Marie. She has written many works to date, but today we feature her fantasy series steeped in ancient lore, titled The Tales of Valisa. Read below for a synopsis and excerpt The Tales of Valisa: The Rebellious Princess . And don't forget to check her out at her websites. :) Sai Marie is a an author, poet, and independent journalist who enjoys writing stories for audiences of every age. Her range is very non-genre specific and her inspirations come from the quirkiest of places. Within this author lies a million worlds and even more characters than one could ever imagine finding, this is a woman who is a writer by every definition and her stories are sure to become favorites for readers from all walks of life The Tales of Valisa Synopsis: The Tales of Valisa: the Tamiran Elves Legacy debut book en