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Making an 18th Century Fire Bucket

Hi everyone! So on my neverending historical studies, I joined Gunn Klass, a class that is presented by a couple board members at the museum. It focuses on skills like making flint locks, leather sewing, blacksmithing, and more. For the first project of the Fall semester, we are making fire buckets! This has been a fun and challenging project so far and here are the beginnings of it. :) 1.) We started with a slab of leather that is to eventually be the bucket. It is marked on the side where the holes will be punctured. 2.) Next, we punctured the holes so the sides could be stitched using a saddle stitch to make the seam. 3.) Right before the stitching started, Paul (one of the class instructors) predicted that some of us would break the needles while stitching (by pulling too hard with a pair of pliers). And...I ended up breaking a needle right away. Epic fail... 4.) But I was able to start again with another needle, and this time successfully completed

New Music Video and Halloween Blog!

Hi everyone, During this very  busy week, I was able to post my newest music video for my song, "A Prayer." The video was directed by my filmmaker friend, Matt Jefferson and also starred Jason English, Jason Fuller, and Eric Prestley. The song is a fan favorite, so enjoy! And check out a little behind the scenes action from when we were shooting it! :) And stay tuned for some more footage from shows, including a forthcoming 18th century tavern night performance with the Wayward Companions . I will also be posting photos of an 18th century fire bucket that I'll be making, and of course I will be back to blogging about topics I love. Stay tuned and have a lovely rest of the week. PS- Also stay tuned for my 31 Days of Halloween Blog... (I'm experimenting with having this as its own separate blog this year) ***** For first access to giveaways and other content not seen by the rest of the world,  sign up for the free Messages from the L