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Straight off My Bookshelf: "Sunken Park" and "The Selkie Secret"

Hey all! I know many of us like to spend Sunday afternoon reading. So here are some suggestions straight from my own bookshelves and eReader. The first is Sara Brooke's newest release, "Sunken Park" which once again demonstrates her wonderfully twisted imagination: Some places are bad to the core. Behind the locked gates of Sunken Park, there is a terrible secret that spreads darkness over the once-natural beauty of the trees and lakes. There is an evil that is powerful and hungry, seeking to extract its revenge on anyone who dares to tread on its land. Looking for some rest and relaxation, several college students decide to spend the weekend at the park. But they're about to walk into a nightmare that will affect each of them differently. As they struggle to survive, the mystery begins to unravel. There's no place to hide from the horrors of Sunken Park.  Of course "Sunken Park" is available at Amazon and Barnes

Release Dates for a New Short Story and the Birthrite Series Books!

Hi everyone, First, I have two release dates for a new short story I'll be releasing titled "Dusk to Dawn" (another short story NOT related to the Birthrite Series) along with "Descent (Birthrite Series #1)" and "Sacred Atonement (Birthrite Series #1.5)." "Dusk to Dawn" is set for an April 11th  release date with the first two Birthrite Series books are set for June 1st ("Descent") and June 8th ("Sacred Atonement"). I also plan to release "Kindred (Birthrite Series #2)" in the fall, so the first books in the series will be released pretty close to one another. The short story, "Dusk to Dawn" will be 99 cents. So will the novel, "Descent." "Sacred Atonement" will be a free ebook. I haven't decided on pricing for "Kindred" yet, but there is a 'Dorothy and Carl' deleted scene (that would take place at around chapter 10 in "Kindred") that I may

Interview with Horror Author, Sara Brooke

I discovered the works of Sara Brooke last year after a mutual friend on Facebook posted a link to her new (at the time) novella, "The Bed." Always on the lookout for something different to read, I downloaded the book based on that recommendation (proving once again that word-of-mouth really is among the best forms of advertisement). I immediately loved Sara's writing-style, not to mention vivid imagination. After then reading "Ghost Swim," "Still Lake," followed by "Kransen House," (my favorite so far) I was completely hooked on wanting to pick up even more of her work. I would call her style a cross between Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Bentley Little with just the right amount of eroticism mixed in. She has a lot of new projects on her plate, which she discusses in this interview. Read on for more. :)   Photo courtesy of Eugenio Wilman TA: First, thanks for taking some time away from your many projects to do this. Now as I under

New Vlog: Writing the Birthrite Series-Research and Revise

Hey all, I'll be putting up my interview with Sara Brooke here soon. But at long last, I made a new vlog. This one is on my research and revisions of the books in the Birthrite series. AND I managed to shorten it to around ten minutes instead of it being almost twenty! This is something I am going to try to do for future vlogs. My shirt in the video is courtesy of Goods & Evil Clothing For more, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel :) ****** My short story, "The Cemetery by the Lake" is now available at Smashwords as a FREE download. More retailers will follow, but Smashwords is pretty compatible with most e-reader and PC formats. Tiffany Apan at Smashwords The Cemetery by the Lake at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble NOOK My music is also available at CDBaby Tiffany on IMDb Official Website The Birthrite Series Website Support your local bookstores: Search Indiebound to see what may be in your area. 

My Goodreads Profile, Smashwords Q&A, Sara Brooke's "Kransen House"

Hey all, Well, it's legit. My Goodreads profile is now up and running. :) So if you haven't yet, swing on by: My Goodreads Author Page I will be adding "Descent (Birthrite Series 1)" into the database, but "The Cemetery by the Lake" is currently there. If you haven't read it, the short story is on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble NOOK (it is being delivered to other devices as well, and I will inform as they go up). I also have a nice little Q&A on my Smashwords page. If you want to know a little more about me, check out My Smashwords Q&A . And every so often, I like to recommend a book from an author I very much have come to enjoy.  Sara Brooke is one of my favorite recently discovered authors. I will be posting an interview with her within the next day or two, but I will, in advance, recommend that you check out "Kransen House." It is probably my favorite of hers so far. It is only 99 cents on Smashwords (which has comp

An Interview with Horror Author, Gary Lee Vincent

I've ran into author, Gary Lee Vincent at several horror conventions over the years. Last year as I was taking a break from being at my table and walking around to see what everybody had, I finally picked up a copy of Vincent's "Darkened Hills" (which so far I very highly recommend if you're looking to not be able to sleep for a few days) and even got a cool little wooden coffin box out of the deal . He was also gracious enough to answer a few questions after a busy weekend at Horror Hound. The interview below talks of his published works along with where you can pick them up and his experiences as an author published on an indie publishing press.  TA: First off, thanks for taking the time to do this after such a busy weekend. Can you tell us about the first story you've ever written and/or that moment when you knew you wanted to write for a living? GLV: In 1991, I started writing music and had originally thought I might enjoy pursuing a care

Since a Part of The Birthrite Series Takes Place in Ireland...

Rock of Cashel Have a pleasant Sunday evening! :) ****** My short story, "The Cemetery by the Lake" is now available at Smashwords as a FREE download. More retailers will follow, but Smashwords is pretty compatible with most e-reader and PC formats. Tiffany Apan at Smashwords The Cemetery by the Lake at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble NOOK My music is also available at CDBaby Tiffany on IMDb Official Website The Birthrite Series Website

Night Terrors Series: Sleep Paralysis

Hey everyone, As I began writing this night terrors essay (both researching other phenomenon, talking to friends who have experienced it, and recalling my own experiences), I started thinking about how, like my Bygone Eras: Do We Have It (At Least Partially) Wrong series, the topic of night terrors covers a broad spectrum of many experiences. Therefore, I decided to make this yet another essay series in which I will cover one topic at a time. This will help my thoughts stay focused instead of scattered in all directions, and I will be able to give each phenomenon special attention.  Since experiencing night terrors are also a huge part of the Birthrite Series, this will also aid in my research for those books. I first got the idea to talk about this on my blog when a good friend of mine posted an essay he wrote about a very creepy night terror he experienced a few years ago to my facebook page (maybe with his permission I'll post it here). His experience was CREEPY, and while

Night Terrors Essay Coming this Weekend and Sara Brooke's Cover Reveal...

Hey all, I'll be finishing up the night terrors blogpost and will have it up this weekend (I noticed a ton of hits and if you were coming for the night terrors post, it will be up and I appreciate your patience and enthusiasm). Between writing that and trying to get "Descent" and a few other things done (including prepping for a radio interview this weekend), my brain needed a rest. I will also be having a couple other writers/authors interviewed on this blog. One of them being Sara Brooke, whose work I've to very much enjoy. She just released the cover of her latest book, soon to be released in April: Some places are just evil. And behind the locked gates of Sunken Park, dark and mysterious hauntings are waiting to drag you beneath the surface. Once you go inside, you may never leave. So stay tuned for that interview among a couple others. You can also check out more of her work ("Kransen House" is probably my favorite so far, especially

New Series Coming to the Blog: Bygone Eras: Do We Have It (At Least Partially) Wrong?

Hey everyone, Before I begin the Night Terrors entry, I wanted to introduce a new series of essays I will be bringing to this blog. As it states in the title, the series will be titled Bygone Eras: Do We Have It (At Least Partially) Wrong? Because in some ways, I think we do. The series will be going through the research I did while writing "Descent" and "Kindred" in the Birthrite Series as well as address many popular myths about certain eras and ethnicities (and certain subcultures, such as the Goth community) being dispelled by our lovely mainstream media. Those who are on my Facebook page may have seen several articles I've posted on my page about this very issue in regards to how some view certain eras, time periods, and groups of people. What is true vs. what seems to be fabricated propaganda but is perceived as true by the general populous. Now, I don't claim to be an expert. Just someone who has always had a fascination with history and del

DESCENT (The Birthrite Series 1): Sneak Peek Scenes, Pricing, and other Releases

Hey all, While I'm resuming the normal schedule of posting every Thursday, I decided to give you all a bonus and offer a couple small sneak peeks from "Descent." I have also decided to release "Descent" and "Sacred Atonement" (the Jimmy/Linda novelette...think of it as a Birthrite Series #1.5) at about the same time. As for pricing, "Descent" will be at 99 cents. So with "Sacred Atonement" being a free ebook, you'll basically be getting two books for under a dollar.  Of course, I'll also be making physical copies of "Descent" which will, of course, be more expensive than 99 cents, but that will come a little later. I'll also be releasing another short story. I'm in the process of editing it and the working title is "24 Hour Diner" (who knows though, I may stick with it). It will be in the Horror/Sci-Fi genres. Now without further ado, here are three more sneak peeks at "Descent."