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Visiting the Historic Farnsworth House Inn and Taking a Ghost Tour - Gettysburg, PA

Greetings and Happy October! Back in August, a trip to Gettysburg was taken and of course, that is a town in which there is much to do. So much to do and so little time to do it all - in my opinion - best describes a weekend trip to Gettysburg! A few posts ago, I talked about the Dobbin House Tavern, one of my favorite places to eat and even just walk around at. It is the oldest establishment in Gettysburg, built during the late 18th century. While the Dobbin House is a very charming place with a very fascinating history, with Halloween in the air, I will take you to a location with a more - well - sinister vibe. Not that the Farnsworth House doesn't have its own charm. In fact, I find the overall ambience of the place quite appealing (especially to the goth kid that still resides within and manages to make her appearance every so often). With Halloween in the air, I'm going to continue my summer time travels by covering some of my favorite locations in the very haunted t

My 2019 Summer Time Travels: Fort Henry Days, 2019 (Wheeling, WV)

Well hey there! These past couple of weeks and weekends have been quite the whirlwind between events at the museum, music gigs, speaking engagements, fitness training, and a few other projects and events that I'm getting underway. I also have 2 lectures in the month of October (A History of Chocolate and Early Folklore and Its Origins), and an 18th century bonfire stories night, on top of regular museum events and rehearsing for music gigs. So I'm not exactly resting on my laurels! :D With all that said, though, I am presenting you with another blogpost on my summer travels (combined with a few gigs!). In the last few weeks, I was absolutely thrilled to have April C. Thomas of Fashions Revisited on for an interview and Eliza Vincz (Silk & Sass 1776) back for a blog swap. I am having on a few more cool folks on here in the coming weeks, including ones that are a dream opportunity to interview! As we have now entered the month of October, I will be discussing some of m