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The Tavern Livestream with Tiffany Apan and Guest, April C. Thomas

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This Friday on The Tavern Livestream!

    Greetings, fellow adventurer and time traveler! As I mentioned before, I will be having some really cool guests on my Tavern Livestream this year, and this Friday evening at 8PM EST, I am having accomplished costumer, April C. Thomas of Fashions Revisited join me. April's work has been seen at several living history events, along with stage, film, and television. Learn more about her here. This time, The Tavern will be taken to Instagram Live (giving a new location a try!) at my Instagram page. I hope you'll join us there!

PREVIEW: Making the Album, Episode 2

  The second episode of Making the Album has been released to my email list, and here is a little preview! This series follows the process of making my new Tudor England inspired album that also has a Mystical Fantasy twist. I hope you enjoy the preview and if you would like to see more of the episodes and have access to other insider information, then visit the link below, scroll down, and enter your best email address. Hope to see you on the inside. :)

Cover Reveal for The Parting Glass EP!

Cheers! I am excited to be bringing you my first musical release for 2021. This was an effort that I was also happy to do with musician friends, sort of like my living room sessions. So now, without further ado...       I am excited to release The Parting Glass EP! The release date is January 31. The following is the songlist: 1.) The Parting Glass 2.)  She Moved Through the Fair 3.) The Parting Glass (Live Version) The talent featured with me on this EP include Tom Crytzer, Laura Mason Lockard, William Lockard, and Chuck Owston. Stay tuned for a The Parting Glass music video and a listening party in the Bonfires, Castles, and Time Travel Facebook Group. I'm really looking forward to releasing this as my first musical release for the year and I can't thank you enough for being her on this journey with me. Stay tuned for another exciting announcement regarding the Tavern Livestream this week, plus the preview for episode 2 of Making the Album, where I take you behind the scenes

Snippets of a song from my new EP!

Hey there! I jumped on livestream briefly to share a snippet from one of the songs off of my forthcoming EP that I will be releasing at the end of January. The song features the talents of my Wayward Companions bandmates, Tom Crytzer, William Lockard, and Laura Mason Lockard. Stay tuned for the cover unveiling at midnight. :) ******* Thanks for reading! Go on a musical adventure with me through time where for five days I'll send you a new song or story, and a personal email from me! FIVE DAY JOURNEY THROUGH TIME: +++ FACEBOOK: +++ WEBSITE: +++ INSTAGRAM:

The Tavern Livestream: First Week of 2021, Tavern Food and Recipe Books

  Cheers and Huzzah! In this episode of The Tavern Livestream, I talk a little about what I've been up to in my first week of 2021 (and I want to know what you've been doing!), and I get into a little of my own experiences inside taverns and the food and beverage served. I also give you an album update and give you a hint at what's to come in future episodes of The Tavern Livestream. :) Cheers and Enjoy! ******* Thanks for reading! Go on a musical adventure with me through time where for five days I'll send you a new song or story, and a personal email from me! JOIN MY INNER CIRCLE AND GET FREE MUSIC AND STORIES: +++ FACEBOOK: +++ WEBSITE: +++ INSTAGRAM:

The Tavern Livestream this Friday on Facebook

  Yes, I'll be back in the tavern this Friday at 9PM EST on my Facebook page. I'll be doing a lot of songwriting and recording this weekend as well and I'll be filling you in on what's happening. I will also be talking about things like my favorite tavern food and beverage that I've had during my travels and times reenacting. Along with some other things I plan to be doing with the livestream. Hope you'll join me!

PREVIEW: Making the Album, Episode 1

  Hey there! Here is a little preview of the first episode in my new series that is exclusive to those receiving my emails. In this series, I take you with me as I embark on my making my new Tudor England inspired album.   If you enjoy historical and fantasy themes with Celtic and Gothic twists, then you just might want to come along!    To join the inner circle, visit the following link, scroll down and then enter your best email address.    Then you're in!   This also include being able to receive free music, stories, early releases, and more! Hope to see you on the inside!