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Gettysburg 2020: More Photos and Anecdotes!

Well greetings!Not too long ago, the third episode of Dark Side of the Labyrinth was released and the episode covered my recent day trip to Gettysburg.Normally, a Gettysburg trip would be a weekend long event, but unfortunately this year, many travel plans have been put on hold. So now as we are coming to the end of 2020, I am trying to visit as many places and history sites as possible! I have more that I plan to visit in the very near future that I look forward to bringing you along for.If you want to check out the episode, it is below:Dark Side of the Labyrinth, Ep 3: Travel to Gettysburg

In addition, many photos were taken as I tried to experience all I could in a single day.  Taking a quick selfie before getting on the road...with my Caffeine Loading tumbler by Coffee Over Cardio Upon my arrival in Gettysburg (aside from being super excited to be there, (as I always am no matter how many times I go), I was also quite hungry, almost to the point of be hangry. So I was able to find a…