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Living History: The Clothing, the Historic Sites...and the Spectators (guest post by Eliza Vincz)

Well hey there! I am very happy to have this lovely lady back, this time doing a blogpost! In this one, Eliza goes into what all of us living historians tend to have gone through at at least one time or another. The thing is, for every awesome, respectful, and attentive spectator, there always has to be that one that is not. Hey, just recently I had some woman trying to argue with me about my stays (or corset as it is more well-known as), claiming that I really WAS crushing my ribs and extremely uncomfortable. Apparently she knew my clothing better than me. I very quickly put her in her place with actual facts and debunking myths surrounding stays and corsets. And it was apparent that she did not know what she was talking about. Only the hype that she had heard surrounding the myths.  But that is just one example and now without further ado, I will turn the floor to Eliza and allow her to discuss her experiences. :)    Yo waddup, my peasants? It’s ur gurl guest star

Fashions Revisited: A Look at Period Clothing (and Food!) with April C. Thomas

I first met April Thomas 3 years ago when I started attending the Fort Frederick Market Faire in Maryland. I instantly fell in love with her work and it has now become a little tradition of mine to always make her sutler tent my first stop when at Fort Frederick. I and many others are out there sporting her designs at historic events, and her work has also been seen in films and tv productions on PBS, BBC, History Channel, and Discovery Channel. And as a side note, I love the Keep Calm and Wear Your Stays bumper sticker that she has available in her store (because don't you dare try to tell me that my stays - or corset as they are more known as - are making me suffer as they crush my ribs into nothing...because I'm not and they're not...sorry, I had to get that out :P ). But without further ado, check out my interview with April and learn of her experiences in the world of period clothing (and food!). TA: First, thank you for being here! How about introducing you