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A Sentimental Journey Bed & Breakfast - Gettysburg, PA

Well greetings once again! I hope everyone celebrating is having a wonderful holiday weekend and we can all only hope that we are prepared for the craziness ahead as the winter holidays approach! As this year winds down, I'm sure many of us are looking back on what we all accomplished, what we did right, and what we can maybe improve upon in the coming year. I know for me it's been quite a year with all my endeavors, between music, living history, film, and more. In the next year, I hope to continue to build upon everything and I already am setting plans in place to work on those very endeavors. One thing that I've been doing a lot of in the last couple years is traveling more. Some of this is due to the lines of work I'm in, but sometimes the occasional pleasure cruise is good for the soul. Sometimes this travel might be solo and other times it is with a likeminded friend. But one of my favorite places to visit is Gettysburg. As a historian, I can appreciate real