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Inside the Labyrinth, Episode 19: A Look at an 18th Century Child's Clothing

And we're back! On April 7, 2019 I gave a presentation at the Neville House with Laura Mason Lockard, Kara Gordon, and Sally Nuckles, three very knowledgeable ladies with whom I'm in the Pittsburgh Historical Costume Society. In this presentation we discussed some little known facts about 18th century children's attire. So what did children in the 18th century wear (some things might be surprising)? Listen and find out...

Alexander Hamilton Symposium (presented by Washington & Jefferson College and the David Bradford House)

Hey there! So yes, I am playing catch up again with this blog as the last few weeks have presented me with more than plenty to do! Along with fitness training, I've found myself quite busy with overseeing the first few events of the 2019 season at the John Neville House. I am happy to say that all have gone really well so far, with more than one event sold out. I myself gave a couple presentations. One of these included presenting with three other members of the Pittsburgh Historical Costume Society (Laura Mason Lockard, Sally Nuckles, and Kara Gordon). In this presentation, we discussed 18th century children's clothing (the talk will be episode 19 of the podcast which will go up tomorrow/Monday evening). The following weekend I premiered my Cosmetics Through the Ages lecture at the Neville House's Sunday Brunch Series and I am happy to say that it was among the sold out events. I also have had several requests for the lecture again, and I will be obliging. So keep wat