Monday, April 22, 2019

Inside the Labyrinth, Episode 19: A Look at an 18th Century Child's Clothing

And we're back!
On April 7, 2019 I gave a presentation at the Neville House with Laura Mason Lockard, Kara Gordon, and Sally Nuckles, three very knowledgeable ladies with whom I'm in the Pittsburgh Historical Costume Society. In this presentation we discussed some little known facts about 18th century children's attire.
So what did children in the 18th century wear (some things might be surprising)? Listen and find out...

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Alexander Hamilton Symposium (presented by Washington & Jefferson College and the David Bradford House)

Hey there!

So yes, I am playing catch up again with this blog as the last few weeks have presented me with more than plenty to do! Along with fitness training, I've found myself quite busy with overseeing the first few events of the 2019 season at the John Neville House. I am happy to say that all have gone really well so far, with more than one event sold out. I myself gave a couple presentations. One of these included presenting with three other members of the Pittsburgh Historical Costume Society (Laura Mason Lockard, Sally Nuckles, and Kara Gordon). In this presentation, we discussed 18th century children's clothing (the talk will be episode 19 of the podcast which will go up tomorrow/Monday evening).
The following weekend I premiered my Cosmetics Through the Ages lecture at the Neville House's Sunday Brunch Series and I am happy to say that it was among the sold out events. I also have had several requests for the lecture again, and I will be obliging. So keep watching if you missed out on the first Cosmetics Through the Ages event.

Before I proceed with the Hamilton Symposium event, here is a brief look at what all I've been up to. Basically what has been keeping me from this blog. :P

Clean Up Day at the Neville House

 me getting ready to go to clean up day at the Neville House

Pittsburgh Historical Music Society Candlelight Concert (which, by the by, I was both running and performing in):

exhausted, but happy about a successful sold out event :)

The History of Spinning

Carol and Ruth, two of our spinners

An Irish Pub Night (which my music group Wayward Companions put on at the Depreciation Lands Museum's Deacon's Tavern)

 Our very colorful emcee, Dennis

 Our lovely and very cheerful bartender, Paul

 A very lovely couple that have been in attendance at several of our events

 And I literally had the hottest seat in the house

very tired post performance selfie

 A Look at an 18th Century Child's Clothing

 Kara Gordon at our final meeting before the presentation. Also check out my interview with her at the following link:

Interview with Period Costumer, Kara Gordon

 Our display

 Laura, Sally, myself, and Kara

 A Sunday Brunch Series: Cosmetics Through the Ages

 Setting up!

Yet another exhausted post event selfie

So now that you've seen some of what I've been up to, without further ado, here is the actual subject of this post.

On the last Friday evening of March, I represented the Neville House at the Alexander Hamilton Symposium, which was held at Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, PA. The event was presented by the college, as well as the David Bradford House, which is also in Washington, PA. It was great fun, as was pimping the Neville House to those in attendance.

After finishing up at the gym, I proceeded with that afternoon by heading to the museum first to finish the work that was left to be done for that week at the museum. This includes working on one idea I've been developing which is the portrayal of Eliza Cowan, matriarch of the second family to live in the Neville House.

Eliza Cowan's likeness in her memorial portrait, made shortly after her passing

After getting the needed work done and gathering some remaining items that would be needed at the Hamilton event, I started out to Washington and Jefferson College.

But of course we needed a mirror selfie first...I'm also rocking the Time Traveler shirt, made by my friend Jess of Penny River Costumes

Upon my arrival, I ran into two fine gentlemen (as pictured below). These gents were David Bradford (in light blue and also one of Alexander Hamilton's greatest enemies) and another rebel who has been seen tarring and feathering those in favor of the whiskey tax. Of course, Bradford was discussing his vehement opposition to the taxation of whiskey with those in attendance at the event.


This event was a very well attended one and I was able to capture a little footage right before the presentation started.


In an interesting turn of events, David Bradford was the one to kick things off and get the shindig started.

David Bradford gives the opening statements, along with reiterating his opposition to Alexander Hamilton's favorable stance on the whiskey tax

I also got a few more random photos of the beautiful auditorium.

After Bradford's opening remarks, another rebel took the stage to introduce the man of the hour.

Another tarring and feathering rebel introduces Alexander Hamilton to the podium

Finally, Alexander Hamilton arrived at the podium, giving those in attendance insight into his life and what exactly shaped his views, therefore making him the person that he was.

The man, the myth, the legend was portrayed by Eben Kuhns, who is actually quite well-known for his portrayal of Alexander Hamilton. Kuhns is highly entertaining while displaying the great amount of in depth research and wealth of knowledge on the life of Hamilton. He also demonstrates an ability to fully embody this persona and I will say that on this evening, he completely owned the audience. If you ever have a chance to catch him as Alexander Hamilton, do it. You will not be disappointed.

Eben Kuhns as Alexander Hamilton

Kuhns (along with Steve Edenbo's equally entertaining Thomas Jefferson, as shown in the videos below) is part of the American Historical Theatre, a group that specializes in portrayals of a wide variety of historical figures spanning several centuries.

So if you are looking for a personality from history, this is a great group to check out and peruse all they have to offer. It's all about keeping history alive. :)

As a whole, this event was a great time and an opportunity to catch up with some old friends along with being introduced to some new ones. I definitely look forward to attending more of these!