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Preface and Chapter 1 of Kindred (The Birthrite Series, #2)...

Hello all, I hope you all are having a great holiday season! My 40% discount at my store is still going on until tomorrow. Simply visit and enter the coupon code BLACKFOREST at check out! Now I give you another preview of Kindred (The Birthrite Series, #2). There is a jump break after the Preface, as Chapter 1 does include spoilers (and some parts of the chapter might be NSFW). But if you've read Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1) or if you don't mind spoilers, read on! Enjoy the preview and stay tuned for a release date soon. :) KINDRED (THE BIRTHRITE SERIES, #2) Preview: PREFACE Florence, Italy 1856 In the dim light of a small studio, an elderly artisan pondered his most recently completed work. He smiled slightly and decided to give the canvas a final brush stroke. This subtle addition was indeed what the new portrait needed to be complete and finished. Satisfied, the old man rose from the chair he was seated

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, & Cyber Monday Sales! :)

Hello all! I am happy to announce that I am slowly adding new products to my Antiquity & Illusion store. I am also offering 40% off of entire purchases from now until Tuesday, September 29. To take advantage, use the coupon code BLACKFOREST at checkout. I also have two limited edition Holiday 2016 wax melts, "Twelfth Night" and "Winter's Eve" that will be available until January 31, 2017. All of our melts are made with high quality beeswax or pillar blend soy wax and high quality essential oils Visit the store, check out what we have, and take advantage of the discount. :) ANTIQUITY & ILLUSION STORE Thank you and have a lovely weekend! Tiffany ***** For first access to giveaways and other content not seen by the rest of the world,  sign up for the free Messages from the Labyrinth Newsletter! Paperback copies of  Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1)  are   available for the low price of $17.00 at my  Offi

Lynn Riggs and The Cherokee Night...

More history that is almost never talked about (and this one is also for my theater friends): Many are familiar with the musical Oklahoma as being one of Rogers & Hammerstein's more famous works. But did you know that they only adapted it from a musical written by a playwright of Native American descent by the name of Lynn Riggs? Riggs - a man of Cherokee descent on his mother's side - wrote the original "Oklahoma" under the original title of "Green Grow the Lilacs." Lilacs w ent to Broadway in 1931 and starred Tex Ritter and June Walker. It was also nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Much of Riggs's plays involved characters of mixed Native and European descent as he was. This included Green Grow the Lilacs where many of the main characters were mixed. Another of Riggs's more popular plays was one called The Cherokee Night, which followed the lives of Americans who were of Cherokee and European descent. This was also performed by several theate

Fun Presidential Trivia and History...

Fun Presidential Trivia (and yet another part of history that is never spoken of, like hardly ever): A Native American vice-president? Yes, it happened. Back in 1928. Charles Curtis - who was half Kaw on his mother's side and European on his father's side) - was Herbert Hoover's vice-president and the first person of significant Native ancestry, as well as the first person with acknowledged non-European ancestry, to hold one of the highest offices in the United State's government's executive branch. It is said that he often wore some traditional pieces of tribal garb for photo ops and even had tribal artifacts displayed in his office. Now how many of you knew that? #election2016 #election1928 #nativeamericanhistory ***** For first access to giveaways and other content not seen by the rest of the world,  sign up for the free Messages from the Labyrinth Newsletter! Paperback copies of  Descent (The Bir

A Word on Election 2016...

There is so much I could say about all that is going on right now. I will be avoiding social media tomorrow but maybe I will write a blogpost in the aftermath. We'll see. But for now, a Facebook friend summed it all up beautifully: "Losing friends over this election season is harder than one would think. First you would have to be emotionally connected to one of the ass-hats that is running, and I can't be emotionally connected to a giant douche or a turd sandwich." Just let that sink in...

Post-Halloween Q&A with Author, Ashley Nestler

Halloween is never quite over (for some of us, at least). Today, I do a little post-Halloween Q&A with author, Ashley Nestler. Be sure to check out her work as well! TA:  Describe your typical Halloween. AN:  My typical Halloween is binge watching horror movies, handing out candy, and pigging out on candy myself!   I also love going for a nighttime walk.   The wind on Halloween is just the most interesting feeling. TA: What about Halloween appeals you? AN:  I adore the lore around Halloween (Samhain).  I am Wiccan, so I do believe that souls come to visit us on Halloween.  I also set out food and drink for travelling souls, and I love how that day seems to connect life with death. TA:  Halloween all year round or one day a year? AN:  Halloween year round, absolutely!  I always leave some Halloween decorations up.  I am just a bit obsessed. Links Blog: Go Indie Now! Box: https://goindienow.crate

#Halloween Blog Hop, Day4: Excerpt from Kindred (The Birthrite Series, #2)

Happy Halloween! Yes, it is still going on over here. :) Today I give you an excerpt from the follow up to Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1) , which is set to come out by the end of the year. I will say that this was not an easy one to write, and in some ways, more difficult than Descent or Sacred Atonement. But I look forward to releasing it and for you all to read it! Now for those that haven't yet read Descent or are reading it and don't like spoilers, I have a jump cut before the excerpt. As for the rest of you, enjoy (I am also still revising the story a little)!

#HalloweenBlogHop, Day 3: Spotlight on Author Francis H. Powell

Here is a list of items which you need to send to me: Your picture - head & shoulders should suffice A bio (200-250 words) What better way to put all my angst into short stories. Born in a commuter belt city called Reading and like many a middle or upper class child of such times I was shunted off to an all- male boarding school aged eight, away from my parents for periods of up to twelve weeks at a time, until I was 17. While at my first Art college through a friend I met a writer called Rupert Thomson, who was at the time in the process of writing his first book “Dreams of leaving”. He was a bit older than myself, me being fresh out of school, but his personality and wit resonated, despite losing contact with him. I had a stint living in Austria, where I began writing. It wasn’t until I moved to Paris, that my writing began to truly evolve. I discovered a magazine called Rat Mort (dead rat) I sent off a short story, in the hope it would match the