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Why I Am Involved with Living History

A little while back, I wrote a post on this blog explaining a little of why I enjoy studying and talking of history. I will link to that as this current post is a sort of Part 2. A Passion for the Past or Why I Study History When I first embarked on the venture of Living History, I looked forward to not only bringing history to life for others, but also getting into some deeper historical research for my own writing. It ended up becoming much more than that. I've been doing this for probably a little over a year now (close to a year and a half), and in addition to getting an even better grasp on historical events than I had before (which really fuels the history lover in me), more opportunities in music, acting, and writing opened up. I've also gained and even richer insight to my already pretty nuanced takes on history. One thing I always make a point of doing when studying any era is to try and acquire a complete picture of all that was taking place in a given time,