Monday, August 13, 2018

Whiskey Rebellion, Historic Harmony, Treasure 15, Slim Forsythe (July Music Gigs)

Hey there!

So you know how I said my next blogpost was going to be on the vintage inspired cosmetics I love so much?

Well, I lied.

Yes, that post is still coming soon, but I realized I still have a lot of photos from my July gigs that still have yet to see the light of day, or at least this blog. A lot went on in July as far as history events and music gigs went and it seemed I was going nonstop (and I kind of was). But here is a little recap of July gigs and you will be able to see even more at my email tribe. :)

Whiskey Rebellion Festival

I performed here with Wayward Companions and we had two slots; one on the main stage and the other in the garden of the David Bradford House.

Photos taken backstage and inside the VIP room:

Performance on the main stage:

Lunch break at the Union Grill (I will be doing a write up of this cool little pub!):

And our performance in the David Bradford House garden:

And what would an event commemorating the Whiskey Rebellion be without a good old fashioned tar and feathering:

in the end, it's all in good fun :D

Treasure 15 Ethereal and Dreampop Night

Not even a week following the Whiskey Rebellion Festival, I was back performing my own music again at the Treasure 15 Ethereal and Dreampop Night, which took place at Howlers in Pittsburgh. For this event, I kept the arrangement simple and had my friend and pianist, Laura Martin, performing with me. :)

 The song "Bela Lugosi's Dead" by the Bauhaus was playing when this photo was taken...the goth kid in me was happy :)

Performing with Wayward Companions at the In Harmony Music Festival in Historic Harmony, PA

Wayward Companions and I were back in Historic Harmony for the fourth time and the second time at their annual In Harmony Music Festival. The era of this location is Regency era, so my attire was more Jane Austen for this gig. :)

 We performed two Wayward Companions show and the second with the Pittsburgh Historical Music Society Orchestra

 getting home and some much needed sleep!

Slim Forsythe Concert

And lastly, I got to perform in the Slim Forsythe concert/my friend Chuck's bday party. This was a little different from what I normally do musically, but stepping outside your comfort zone can be fun.
My outfit was inspired by Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock attire, and I also wore the daisy earrings my grandfather gave my grandmother when they were dating. I topped it off with and Everly Brothers pin I found at a music store and a dove pin in memorium of a friend from the reenactment community that passed away suddenly. And of course, my grandfather's fan club card was in my back pocket. <3
And yes, I did take several selfies because I loved the look I was rockin' that evening. :)

Yeah, I'll say it: brows and lipstick were on fleek that night

 photo op with Tricky Mannion, who played fiddle for Slim :)

There were also a couple other events I attended, and if you still have yet to check out their respected blog posts, here they are

Fort Niagara, Part 1

Fort Niagara, Part 2

French Creek Heritage Festival and 18th century Ice Cream Social at the Depreciation Lands Museum

And that was July for me. Pretty amazing!

Now stay tuned for the new Health and Beauty blog post were I will cover my favorite vintage inspired cosmetics line! You don't wanna miss it (especially if you're a Snow White fan like me). ;)

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Bushy Run Battlefield (Jeannette, PA)


August has been a rather interesting month. My traditional music group, Wayward Companions, is taking some down time from gigs and for the most part, August this year is a downtime kind of month (save for rehearsals and a couple film shoots). But how we utilize our downtime is what matters and yes, sometimes you do need a little R&R, though with the Lion's Portal occurring a couple days ago, this is a time to step outside the box a little and take on new challenges. Which is interesting because I had every intent of using this month to tackle new and unfinished projects. Wayward Companions and I are taking action to take what we are doing up a notch, along with me looking for ways to do that with my own stuff. I am wanting to shake things up a bit with my fitness routines and coming up with more fun ways of eating clean. I'm an 80/20 girl when it comes to my eating, meaning that 80% of the time I eat healthfully and 20% of the time I indulge. I'm thinking of changing it up to 85/15 instead and seeing how I do, but I digress :) . So really, downtime month is more of a regrouping time month. Plotting the next move month. In the midst of it all, though, I still find time to get myself out to some cool events in the history realm, even if I didn't dress in period clothing for the last two.
Last Saturday was such a day when I ventured to Bushy Run Battlefield for the 255th anniversary of the Battle at Bushy Run. I hung out with friends and got to know some new cool people, which is part of why I love these events!

On the Saturday morning that I went out to Bushy Run, I did have a couple errands I needed to do first and my original plan was to set out at 8am, do what I needed to do and then be at Bushy Run at 10am when it opened. But after a great but hectic July, my body had other ideas and it just wasn't having me getting up any earlier than 8am. So I ended up being an hour behind schedule and instead set out at 9am.

Me at 9am when I set out

After getting done what I needed to, I finally went out to Bushy Run and ended up arriving at around 11am, which was all good.
A quick shot of the British encampment after I arrived before heading over to my friends' (Claus and Truax Jackware) sutler tent

a view from the inside of Claus and Truax Jackware

the Clause and Truax guard turtle working hard to keep thieves and looters at bay

This was my second year at Bushy Run (last year I camped) so while it wasn't a new location for me, it is still quite beautiful and I always love taking in the scenery. The Native encampment is always especially nice to behold.

Native encampment

In addition, the museum was also open to the public and yes, it was crowded.

the museum's exterior

But I still got some pretty nice shots of the interior.

After a couple hours, I needed a coffee break, so I some at one of the concession stands. They also tempted me with a Klondike bar. So I caved and got one of those as well.

coffee and ice cream are a lovely combination...and for those wondering, yes, this was part of the 20% of my 80/20 eating rule :P

Now for the really fun stuff and my favorite part. Yep, that would be the awesome sutlers and blanket traders!
When I first got to the Claus and Truax tent, I was immediately drawn to the tent beside them as it boasted some really lovely items. The tent was that of Penny River Historic and Custom Costumes and I purchased the following from her:

the beautiful neckerchief that I purchased from her

Penny River is owned by proprietor, Jessica Young, who also worked for Colonial Williamsburg (so you know her stuff is the top notch realm). Not only is she talented, but also a lovely person and I enjoyed hanging out at her tent and chatting for a bit.

Jess and I in the Penny River sutler tent

I also couldn't resist taking some photos of her lovely displays.
Seriously, what's not to love??

I am totally getting me one of these cool "Time Traveler" shirts in the very near future :)

Jess has an Etsy shop, along with an Instagram and Facebook page. Check her out as she is a must follow. 

In addition to some awesome sutlers, these events also have some nice blanket traders. The great thing about blanket traders is that you can often purchase some very good gently used items for a reduced price. Not too far from the Penny River tent was a trader whose blanket had all kinds of cool and for great prices too!

I have a weakness for wooden boxes. This was adorable and when I saw that it came with a small rose inside I couldn't resist :)
I also found some new reading material, THE FIRST FOUR GEORGES and A FRIEND AMONG THE SENECA. I might do a write up or vlog on these books after reading them. 

all the trader had to offer :)

 Since many blanket traders are not businesses in the way that the sutlers are, a lot of them don't really have links on the web. But if you are at any historical event, do stop by a few and see what they have to offer. :)

I ended up having to leave Bushy Run an hour before the event closed due to other plans I had that evening, but just as I did last year, I enjoyed my time there. It is a beautiful site that is rich in history and a definite must visit. Check out more information at their website and see what they have going on throughout the rest of the season!

Up next will be a blog post on one of my favorite cosmetic lines in the Health and Beauty section. A post on a line of vintage inspired makeup. :)