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BOOK REVIEW: Icicles - Chilling Poems & Photos by William P. Robertson

One thing I love about traveling and being part of reenactment and living history events is (aside from the retelling an reliving of history) getting to reconnect with friends and make some new ones! This year, I had the pleasure of meeting so many awesome people that I hope to run into again at future events. One such person I met this year - at Fort Niagara to be exact - was author William P. Robertson. The story goes as follows. I was sitting in the castle cooling off and contemplating where I was going to explore next to get more photos and video. I had a couple artists (painters) ask to take my photo to serve as possible inspiration for their future art pieces. Robertson also approached me as I fanned myself with one of my many hand fans (seriously, I'm obtaining quite the collection) asking for my photo as he was seeking out inspiration, but for this future books. William Roberston writes French and Indian War era novels and has accumulated quite a number of titles under h

History...and a new podcast!

Hey there! So first, I am on a bit of an 80s kick today and this happens to be the song currently on the playlist as I begin typing this post. I'm leaving it for you so that you can also listen while you read. You're welcome. This song is very infectious and I find myself putting it on repeat anytime it's on... As many of you that follow my blog, social media, and website likely know, history is one of my greatest passions and influences. This is one of the many reasons why I got the idea this year to start recapping my time at living history and reenacting events beyond the photos on social media. Over these last few months, I've been reflecting more on why doing this is of such great importance to me. Aside from a fascination with the idea of another time and place existing outside of my own (which also ties into my interest in Fantasy themes) and the aesthetics (ie the clothing, architecture, etc), I feel that history is among the most important subject

Whiskey Rebellion, Historic Harmony, Treasure 15, Slim Forsythe (July Music Gigs)

Hey there! So you know how I said my next blogpost was going to be on the vintage inspired cosmetics I love so much? Well, I lied. Yes, that post is still coming soon, but I realized I still have a lot of photos from my July gigs that still have yet to see the light of day, or at least this blog. A lot went on in July as far as history events and music gigs went and it seemed I was going nonstop (and I kind of was). But here is a little recap of July gigs and you will be able to see even more at my email tribe. :) Whiskey Rebellion Festival I performed here with Wayward Companions and we had two slots; one on the main stage and the other in the garden of the David Bradford House . Photos taken backstage and inside the VIP room: Performance on the main stage: Lunch break at the Union Grill (I will be doing a write up of this cool little pub!): And our performance in the David Bradford House garden: And what would an even

Bushy Run Battlefield (Jeannette, PA)

Greetings! August has been a rather interesting month. My traditional music group, Wayward Companions , is taking some down time from gigs and for the most part, August this year is a downtime kind of month (save for rehearsals and a couple film shoots). But how we utilize our downtime is what matters and yes, sometimes you do need a little R&R, though with the Lion's Portal occurring a couple days ago, this is a time to step outside the box a little and take on new challenges. Which is interesting because I had every intent of using this month to tackle new and unfinished projects. Wayward Companions and I are taking action to take what we are doing up a notch, along with me looking for ways to do that with my own stuff. I am wanting to shake things up a bit with my fitness routines and coming up with more fun ways of eating clean. I'm an 80/20 girl when it comes to my eating, meaning that 80% of the time I eat healthfully and 20% of the time I indulge. I'm thinking