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Going to Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair (Big Pool, MD), Part 2

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So now we are on to part 2 of my Fort Frederick post and in this one, we get to the really good stuff. Yep, the sutler and blanket traders I had the pleasure of doing business with. For some it was a reunion from the previous year and for others I was just coming to know them for the first time. Either way, they were awesome. :)

If you didn't catch my interview with Kristin of The Drunken Apprentice or Part 1 of the Fort Frederick blogs, here are the links so you can catch up:

A Chat with The Drunken Apprentice

Going to Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair (Big Pool, MD), Part 1

Like last year, I started the shopping expedition off right by visiting April at the Fashions Revisited tent. Here are examples of what you might find at her store:

And here is what I ended up taking out of there. A really beautiful fan (you can never have too many), new sewing needles and pins, hat pins, and a tea strainer. I love it all. She has the most adorable shopping bags too. And come on, who doesn't just love cute shopping bags?

April does have social media, a website, and an etsy shop. And thank God because I'm just a tad obsessed. By the way, you might see me sporting this fan at the concert with Pittsburgh Historical Music Society and my group Wayward Companions this Saturday. In the meantime, check out her links:
Fashions Revisited Facebook Page
Fashions Revisited Website (which also links to her etsy shop

Another one of my faves is Liberty Linens. In fact, I made some of my first pieces of 18th century clothing from their fabulous linen. When I first started with this whole living history/reenacting thing, I was ordering online from them quite a bit, so imagine my excitement when I saw that they were going to be at some of the market faires, Fort Frederick in particular. This year, I kept it simple with them, but I am still happy with their product nonetheless.
For the photos, I paired what I bought from Liberty Linens (the twill tape, linen thread, and silk ribbons) with my purchases from two other great 18th century retailers, 96 District Fabrics from Bishopville, SC and Burnley & Trowbridge Co. , a retailer from Williamsburg, Virgina. From 96 District Fabrics and Burnley & Trowbridge, I bought the beautiful fabrics that I am looking forward to making clothing articles out of at the next sewing circle/stitch 'n' bitch. I'm still deciding on what those clothing articles will be, but whatever they are, I look forward to sporting them when they are complete! The folks at 96 District Fabrics also seemed to appreciate my very 18th century appropriate leopard print sunglasses. :D

You can visit Liberty Linens, 96 District Fabrics, and Burnley and Trowbridge at the following links:
Liberty Linens Website
Burnley & Trowbridge Website
96 District Fabrics

Also, here is where to show them some love on social media:
Liberty Linens on Facebook
Burnley & Trowbridge on Facebook
96 District Fabrics on Facebook

Another sutler I love to visit is Amey's Adornments. Over the last couple years, I not only consider Andrea and Mark Amey awesome sutlers, but also cool friends to hang with at these events. She makes some beautiful jewelry and unfortunately, I didn't get a photo until the end of the event when their cases were more sparse, but I'm happy they did well. :)

In addition, they have beautiful dinnerware and I added to my own 18th century dinner set collection from their inventory. :)

Amey's Adornments is currently working on getting an etsy shop and I will post an update on this once it is set up. :)

Now as someone who makes her own personal care products, handmade soaps typically get my attention almost immediately. I am starting to make my own soap, but it is definitely a process, more so than pretty much any other personal care products I make. In addition to their beautiful soaps, absolutely loved visiting and talking with the very kind and lovely elderly couple of Grandma's Soap and Stuff. Hanging out with them kind of reminded me of hanging out with my own grandparents.

 the beautiful display of handmade soap at Grandma's Soap & Stuff

It was difficult to make a selection as their product is absolutely amazing, but I finally decided on a couple of things. One was Scottish Heather soap (heather is said to be placed in a bride's bouquet for good luck) and a goat's milk shampoo bar (I typically use either a dry shampoo or a shampoo's been years since I've used regular shampoo on my hair). In addition I bought some Moroccan Argan and Vitamin E Oil. I started using this on my face and at the ends of my hair, combined with Young Living's Copaiba Essential Oil (which is also great for smoothing out frayed ends...I'll be going into more on this in the health and beauty section of this blog). I absolutely love it and will also be adding it to some of the personal care products I make.
In addition to soap and personal care products, Grandma Soaps & Stuff also has some jewelry pieces, as the beautiful pendant beneath the shampoo bar was also handmade by her.

Definitely check out Grandma's Soap and Stuff at their website:
Grandma's Soap and Stuff Website

They also gift wrap, so if you are looking for a great gift idea, definitely consider their soap and other products. :)

Another place I like to stop at is the book binders, so Colonial Printer & Bookbindery it was. This year, I got a book on 18th century personal care recipes (which is another thing I will be going into in the healthy and beauty area of this blog) and of course, some laid paper, which I also don't think you can have too much of.

Check them out Colonial Printer & Bookbindery at:
Colonial Printer & Bookbindery website

Now this next purchase is probably among my favorites. There was one such sutler that made replicas of old maps and the prices were quite reasonable. Since I have a fondness for old maps, I ventured into his tent. Now the map pictured below really caught my attention and it appears to be not only a map, but also a cartoon making very inappropriate jokes about tax collectors (because tax collectors were not what you would call popular back in the day). Once I buy a frame, I will proudly be hanging this in my main living space, not too far from Basil Rathbone and Lon Cheney.

Now, I feel horrible with this one because I totally spaced on picking up this sutler's business card so that I may appropriately list his website and such. I did try looking through the list of sutlers in this year's Fort Frederick program, but did not see any businesses calling themselves anything along the lines of 'so and so's maps.' So if anyone reading this was at Fort Frederick and knows the name of the business, please let me know and I will update it accordingly. :)

Sunday at Fort Frederick was basically walk around and pick up some last minute small items until I had to leave to go to the film screening. Last year, I visited Turkey Foot Trading Co. & Forge and found some Rose Wax Cologne that I absolutely loved. So this year, I went hoping to stock up on a little more, but alas they either did not have any or were out of stock by the time I got there. They did, however, have Jasmine, which I ended up purchasing. I do like the scent of Jasmine and the cologne is quite nice. I do still have a good bit of Rose left, and (great news!) they have it on their website catalog, so it's all good. :)

Turkey Foot Trading Co. & Forge Website

Welp, that about sums up my Fort Frederick adventures. There will be more of these to come as my 18th century band performs at various historical venues and events. I will also be camping 18th century style at a variety of places such as Fort Niagra and others. I am also finding myself becoming somewhat of a 'beauty blogger', so more of my favorite products and such will be included at the Healthy Living section of the blog. :)

Up next is the Wayne's Legion Militia Encampment at Woodville. I got to be a tour guide in this one. :)

a photo I took of the fort (Fort Frederick) just before I left

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