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The Mummer's Dance

Loreena McKennitt's The Mummer's Dance is one of the top songs on the playlist for The Birthrite Series. While Loreena's song reigns supreme, I discovered this rather lovely cover of the song by Hayley Westerna. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! ***** For first access to giveaways and other content not seen by the rest of the world,  sign up for the free Messages from the Labyrinth Newsletter! Paperback copies of  Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1)  and  Sacred Atonement:Novelette (The Birthrite Series, # 1.5)  available together for the low price of $21.00 at my  Official Website My music projects are available  at  CDBaby My filmwork is on  IMDb "The Birthrite Series" and other books at  Smashwords  and  Barnes & Noble NOOK  My books and music are also on  Amazon  and  iTunes Tiffany on  Goodreads Support great authors and independent bookstores at  Smashwords  and  Indiebound

Historical Fun Findings: King Henry's Brain Injury, More on Witch Hunts, "Indecent" Exposure, and Tattoos

Hi everyone! Today will be bringing you some short fun findings from the research I've been doing. So here goes: 1.) Why was King Henry VIII such a tyrant and what did he really think of Anne Boleyn? Historians have debated this quite frequently over the years, including one of my new favorite historians, Suzannah Lipscomb. Lipscomb has done extensive research on the 16th century monarch. One thing she does note (in her book 1536: The Year that Changed Henry VIII and her documentary Henry and Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History) is the head injury Henry received upon falling from his horse while jousting. In fact, before he became the morbidly obese, mean spirited tyrant modern folks know him for being, he was quite the opposite: charming, good-natured, generous, athletic, and very good looking. There is also much evidence, including letters written from Henry to Anne, that attest to him being very much in love with Anne Boleyn when he decided to divorce Catherine of Aragon