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Halloween Blog Hop: MUSIC REVIEW of Midnight Syndicate's A Ghostly Gathering

Greetings, I know many out there feel a sense of melancholy as Halloween draws to a close. But fear thee not. The Christmas holiday and winter solstice has a long history of being a time when friends and family would gather to celebrate good tidings, cheer, and yes, ghostly tales. Therefore I feel that bringing you this review of Midnight Syndicate's latest effort at this particular time rather appropriate. Team Syndicate (Ed Douglas and Gavin Goszka) has been churning out creepy musical feasts for the ears and imagination since the 1990s, each recording offering a new theme and journey for the listener. And they continue to not disappoint. With  A Ghostly Gathering, Midnight Syndicate crafts symphonic landscapes (and never fear...these landscapes are not the kind that put you to sleep...just the opposite, actually), giving traditional Christmas carols (and some new ones written by Douglas and Goszka) their own twist. Hearing some of the tracks (for example, their version

Halloween Blog Hop: Exploring the History of Witchcraft in Salem and Elsewhere or "Burn the Witch?"

Greetings and welcome to Day 3 of the Halloween Blog Hop. And Happy Halloween! When I was invited to participate in this blog hop, I wanted to bring to the table a subject that often seems misunderstood by the modern mind. Playing the role of real life "witch" Mary Bliss Parsons for the Depreciation Lands Museum's Cemetery Lantern Tours piqued my interest in this piece of history even more. When we think of witch trials, barbaric mobs of simpletons with their pitchforks, shovels, and torches screaming "burn the witch" as they drag the accused woman from her home is often what comes to mind. While I'm not saying that there may not be a little truth in that, when you really start looking into things, it becomes obvious that the trials and accusations run far deeper. You also start to recognize what was likely over-dramatized for Hollywood. For instance, it is often assumed that once someone was accused of witchcraft, they were automatically sc

Halloween Blog Hop: Interview with Amanda M. Lyons

For Day 2 of the Halloween Blog Hop, I am interviewing author, Amanda M. Lyons. In a world where paranormal romance has been saturated with brooding vampires with six packs, Ms. Lyons is carving her own niche, harkening back to the gothic vampire novels of the 1990s. So read on and also stop by her blog today where she also features an interview with yours truly. :) And don't forget to enter for a chance to win a copy of DESCENT, the first novel in my series, The Birthrite at the end of this interview (the giveaway is running until November 5). So without further ado, here is Amanda M. Lyons. TA: So first, welcome to my blog! For those that may just be stumbling upon your work, introduce and tell a little about yourself. AL: Thanks for having me, Tiffany! I'm Amanda M. Lyons and I'm an author and editor with J. Ellington Ashton Press, a mom to two kiddos, and a partner to another author, Todd Misura. Most of what I write is horror, right now I have a goth