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A Tribute to Fort Henry Days 2020

Greetings!As you know, this year has not been a good year for events, music, reenactment, or otherwise. Performing live has been something that I dearly missed and I've come to realize how much I really have taken being able to do so for granted. So you can imagine my sheer and utter joy when I heard that Fort Henry Days was actually taking place during Labor Day Weekend.Wayward Companions was invited to perform (we've performed there every year since 2017) and even if we weren't, I was still planning to head down and get interviews and film a little documentary for this webzine and show. But then it happened. About a week before Fort Henry Days was supposed to take place, it was announced that the event was cancelled this year after all.So like I did with events like Fort Frederick and Fort Niagara, I am posting photo and video highlights from years past.And hopefully, next year, we will be able to bring you all new footage from these events. :) 

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