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Autumn/Halloween is my favorite season and time of the year. Of course, a large reason for this is the fall festivals and haunted attractions that open up for business now. When I was in college, I used to go with friends to every haunted attraction in the area we could possibly get to. Nowadays with pesky things called 'adult responsibilities,' I consider getting to at least two attractions a good Halloween (if I can do three it's a bonus). Those of you who have been following my writing and blogging in recent years have likely seen me mention Castle Blood on more than one occasion as it is on my 'must go to' list during the Halloween season. Last night (Saturday night), some friends and I visited their brand new location, which is none other than a 100-year-old three generation funeral home. Here is my video interview with the owner, Rick (aka Gravely MacCabre) from back in September. Here, we discuss what's in store for the attraction's new home:

Interview with Michael Wade Johnson of Faux Pas Films

My relationship with Faux Pas Films started back in 2012 when I was approached by Michael Wade Johnson to do a cameo in their dark drama,  Cyclical Effect . They also ended up using my song, "Ghost" in the film. The next project of theirs that I was involved with was 2013's Ovulation in which my song, "Ashes to Dust" was used. Since then, they have kept busy and are currently filming their latest project, Candie's Harem . So read on! :) TA: So, what have you all been up to since the last time we talked? MWJ: Films, films, and more films! After finishing "Ovulation", I wrote and directed "Incorporeal" and then a little short called "Attritional" while at the same time helping with tons of other projects like "The Dirty Sanchez". That and raising my soon-to-be 1 year old daughter, Adora, who is my brightest light imaginable. TA: Now, you completed a new film titled "Candie's Harem.&quo