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The Cemetery by the Lake Audiobook Available!

The audiobook version of The Cemetery by the Lake is now available on Soundcloud. Narrated by the author and Engineered by Rowen Poole at StarGlider Studios. Have a listen. It's free. :) A recurring dream of an old abandoned graveyard by a lake fills Jane's nights with restless unease. On the last day of her freshman year at college, she takes a drive to her family's former vacation spot in the Pocono Mountains with the intention of facing old demons. Upon her arrival, she feels the comfort and belonging that was there for her as a child. But on that early spring afternoon, a sense of foreboding leads her to a clearing that is all too familiar. And it has far more in store for her than a childhood fear... The Cemetery by the Lake is the first in the Stories from Colony Drive series, a series of connected short stories that take place in Northeastern Pennsylvania.