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ST. PATRICK'S DAY BLOG HOP, Day 4: A Journey into the 18th Century and KINDRED (THE BIRTHRITE, #2) Excerpt

On this last day of the St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop, I bring you the latest episode of The Parting of Veils, a journey into the 18th century (Thanks to William Max Miller for the beautiful thumbnail art). Also a new excerpt of Kindred   (The Birthrite Series, #1). You can also get a free copy of the ebook Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1)  until April 15th (details below). Enjoy! Also, thanks to Roma Gray for featuring an excerpt of Descent on her website, Trick or Treat Thrillers: KINDRED Excerpt: PREFACE Florence, Italy 1856 An elderly artisan sat in the dim studio, looking over his most recently completed work. With this particular painting, he was quite satisfied, and it would be only a matter of time before his apprentice arrived to travel it to a Tuscan seaport. The artist knew of the ship this portrait was to board. He also knew what La Suerte, was, newly built with only weeks

ST. PATRICK'S DAY BLOG HOP, Day 3: Featured Author, Roma Gray

Greetings everyone! On Day 3 of this blog hop, I feature author Roma Gray, who also happens to be one of the authors on this blog hop! :) Here is a summary and review excerpt from her latest novel, The Hunted Tribe (Book 1: Declaration of War) The Hunted Tribe: (Book 1: Declaration of War) Readers' Favorite Review - 5 stars! " If you love well written YA, you will love this book. If you love monsters and horror, you will love this book. I’m guessing most readers in general will love this book. It’s that good ." Book Summary: Deep in the North American forests lurks an animal spirit known as the Grishla. The Grishla is so ancient it pre-dates the human race by several million years, and it is so powerful and reclusive only very insightful witches know of its existence. Five hundred years ago, the Dwanake tribe possessed such witches. Drunk on their own power and arrogance, these witches attempted to enslave the Grishla. Enraged, the creature bega

ST. PATRICK'S DAY BLOG HOP, Day 2: Some of My Favorite Celtic and Irish Music (plus a little of how I did St. Patrick's Day)

Greetings! Today I am bringing you some amazing musical artists within the Celtic and Irish genres. Also, author Francis H. Powell (the host of this blog hop) conducted a fun interview with me for this blog hopping event: https://francishpowellwriter. tiffany-apans-st-patricks-day- questionaire/ And here is another little glimpse at how I did St. Patrick's Day: Churn has become one of my favorite coffee shops and I chilled out here for a little with some appropriate reading material. I also had a mint chocolate chip milk shake (a much better alternative to a McDonald's Shamrock Shake in my opinion) made from their homemade ice cream. Check out Churn at their website: Now without further ado, enjoy the music and be sure to pick up the free ebook of my novel, Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1). Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

ST. PATRICK'S DAY BLOG HOP, Day 1: Excerpt from DESCENT and Ebook Giveaway

Greetings! Once again, I am happy to be part of a blog hop with some pretty amazing authors, and will even be featuring some of them here in the next couple days. On this first day, I am giving a couple excerpts from my book Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1) that feature some characters of Irish descent. :) There is also a giveaway of the book after the post. So if you haven't started the series yet, here is your chance. :) Now without further ado, here is the blurb and the excerpts... BLURB: Visions of infant twin boys, clouds, a young woman taking her own life, and a collision of space, time, and realms... On the eve of Summer Solstice in 1844, four men in different areas of the world share an experience that impacts not only their own lives, but those of the future generations. The first man is Nicolae Ganoush, a young Romany fugitive from a slave village in Wallachia. The second is Jonathan Blake, an eighteen-year-old Irishman in the American Midwest who finds hims

Men's Suffrage...

I plan to return to regularly blogging next week, along with fill you guys in on what I've been up to and what's been going on. But in the meantime, here is an article about something I just started reading about. The Men's Suffrage (which happened before the Women's Suffrage did). Always uncovering something new (or shall I say, something hidden in plain site...). Anyway, I will catch you all next week. In the meantime, check out my paranormal/historical/entertainment webzine/webseries The Parting of Veils. ***** For first access to giveaways and other content not seen by the rest of the world,  sign up for the free Messages from the Labyrinth Newsletter! Paperback copies of  Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1)  and  Sacred Atonement:Novelette (The Birthrite Series, # 1.5)  available together for the low price of $21.00 at my  Official Websit

Music Reviews! Ashagal, Blackmore's Night, and Ginger Ackley (The Parting of Veils Episodes)

Hi everyone, So I've been busier than I thought I would be with trying to get the newest installments in The Birthrite done, the audiobook version of Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1) going, a song for a paranormal documentary recorded, and two school programs for the museum along with coming up with the music list for the colonial tea its hosting. Therefore, my regular blogging was delayed which I will get back to as soon as I can (I'm dying to blog about the ORIGINAL Grease that was quite different from the musical we all fact, it was raunchier). But for now, feel free to check out the last couple episodes from my new webseries/webzine/soon-to-be-podcast, The Parting of Veils. This includes music reviews and my last trip up to the awesome year-round haunted attraction, Castle Blood. :) And don't forget to check out everyone's websites: Ashagal Blackmore's Night Castle Blood http://castlebloo