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Another book I recommend for the Halloween season. This is a review I posted on Goodreads and another blogsite about a year ago, but it still holds water. :) I love discovering new authors. It's almost like when you're a kid at Christmas time and you unwrap a present you didn't necessarily know you wanted but are thrilled you received it. I discovered David C. Smith through friend and owner of Rickert and Beagle Books (in Dormont, PA), Chris Rickert. She invited me to a reading of one of his newer books, Dark Muse. Unfortunately, thanks to a dying car at the time, I wasn't able to make it, but I was interested enough in checking the book out. So I later purchased it from her store and began reading it almost immediately only to be left in shock when all was finished. And I will explain why I do mean that as a good thing. Dark Muse begins with your typical "everyman", Jack Mathis. He has a decent job as a book editor, a beautiful fi

Music for the Halloween Season: Clan of Xymox

 So in addition to all the horror/sci-fi/fantasy films out there, what else can help enhance the Halloween season? Music, of course. And one of my favorite albums to listen to at this time of year is the 1985 album from the goth/darkwave/synthpop band, Clan of Xymox (also simply known as Xymox).  There is just something about this album that makes driving through a fall evening with the semi-barren trees and the moon in the night sky with it playing on the car stereo (yes, I'm old-school; vinyl, CDs, etc.) that just really sets a mood. Even driving with it on a cloudy, autumn day sets a real tone for the season. The album has a dark, nostalgic, other-worldly feel to it. My three favorite songs on the album are "7th Time", "Stranger," and "No Human Can Drown." You can pick up the album and listen to samples at Amazon (but if you can locate it at your local indpendent music store, even better!): Clan of Xymox on Amazon Clan of Xymox