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Another book I recommend for the Halloween season. This is a review I posted on Goodreads and another blogsite about a year ago, but it still holds water. :) I love discovering new authors. It's almost like when you're a kid at Christmas time and you unwrap a present you didn't necessarily know you wanted but are thrilled you received it. I discovered David C. Smith through friend and owner of Rickert and Beagle Books (in Dormont, PA), Chris Rickert. She invited me to a reading of one of his newer books, Dark Muse. Unfortunately, thanks to a dying car at the time, I wasn't able to make it, but I was interested enough in checking the book out. So I later purchased it from her store and began reading it almost immediately only to be left in shock when all was finished. And I will explain why I do mean that as a good thing. Dark Muse begins with your typical "everyman", Jack Mathis. He has a decent job as a book editor, a beautiful fi

From the Set...

First photo I took from the set of the horror thriller, "The Downfall of Mr. Difford" today when I went to film my part (no, I did not crop the garbage can out...keepin it real). :)  More will come. If you would like to join our community and receive content exclusive to email, join our little tribe and Subscribe to my Messages from the Labyrinth Mailing List. . We promise to never share your info or spam you. Ever. You can also  subscribe to my YouTube Channel for new vlogging updates. ****** My stories, "The Cemetery by the Lake" and "Dusk to Dawn" are available at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble NOOK. More retailers will follow, but Smashwords is pretty compatible with most e-reader and PC formats. Tiffany Apan at Smashwords  and Amazon "The Cemetery by the Lake" at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble NOOK "Dusk to Dawn" at Smashwords Tiffany on Goodreads My music is also available at CDBaby T

My Thoughts On Reviews

In giving my office space and apartment a cleaning, I came across some early reviews of my music when I first released it. I was fortunate to have it well-received for the most part, but like most things, it wasn't everyone's cup of tea. Through the years, my attitude toward reviews, both good and bad, has evolved. In the beginning, they were EVERYTHING. Make or break. But in recent times as my skin toughened, here are my thoughts: I appreciate reviews, whether it's about my music, books, films, or any project I do. I appreciate both the good and bad, because in this industry you pretty much do have to take the good with the bad. When I review someone else's work, I try to do so in a way I would want my own work reviewed. If I enjoy it, I say WHY. If there were aspects of the story/album/film that didn't sit well with me, I say WHY. If I feel it was not categorized properly (and this can actually be more challenging than people think), I suggest another category

Music for the Halloween Season: Clan of Xymox

 So in addition to all the horror/sci-fi/fantasy films out there, what else can help enhance the Halloween season? Music, of course. And one of my favorite albums to listen to at this time of year is the 1985 album from the goth/darkwave/synthpop band, Clan of Xymox (also simply known as Xymox).  There is just something about this album that makes driving through a fall evening with the semi-barren trees and the moon in the night sky with it playing on the car stereo (yes, I'm old-school; vinyl, CDs, etc.) that just really sets a mood. Even driving with it on a cloudy, autumn day sets a real tone for the season. The album has a dark, nostalgic, other-worldly feel to it. My three favorite songs on the album are "7th Time", "Stranger," and "No Human Can Drown." You can pick up the album and listen to samples at Amazon (but if you can locate it at your local indpendent music store, even better!): Clan of Xymox on Amazon Clan of Xymox

For Shits and Giggles... are three words I absolutely cannot stand and will never use in my writing so long as I can help it (except for this blog post). No, I do not promote censorship. These are simply stupid little pet peeves of mine. :D 1.) Pamper It actually bothers me when someone out of diapers says they are going to "pamper themselves" or "I'm being pampered" as a way of saying "I'm taking 'me' time" or "I'm treating myself." Anytime someone says this, I simply assume that they're somehow being diapered. End of story. 2.) Moist It's just not a nice word. It just isn't. 3.) Bash This word actually didn't always make me cringe the way the other two had. It just became horribly overused and misused, whether it was being used to mean having a party or belittling someone. Now, I MAY use this word in writing to mean a violent strike ( which is the proper definition ), but it will never be used to mean the oth

On H.P. Lovecraft: The Salon Article or "This Might Offend Someone, Part 3"

Hey all, As I was browsing my Facebook feed, one of the pages I follow had the article from Salon written by Laura Miller, titled, "It's OK to Admit that H.P. Lovecraft was Racist." The article is actually well-done, pretty fair, and makes some good points. If you want to check it out, here is the Salon article. Now, I am a fan of Lovecraft and his stories, but on the same note, I am also not among those who get angry at his flaws being pointed out. Yes, he had some great personal qualities but some not so great as well. With that said, I was reading some of the comments on Facebook and elsewhere, and of course the "explanation" for his views that are quite prevalent (Milller also addresses such comments in her article) is "well, everyone was racist and sexist and a bigot in his time so it's to be expected." Okay. *deep cleansing breath* Can we PLEASE stop , using that sweeping generalization? Or any? When you say "

State of Things: Film, Blogging, and Books

Hey all,  Hope all is well in the blogasphere. I'm currently working on two new posts: one being the long awaited Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon and the other about views on the state of things and why I feel so much in our society is - well - bullshit. So much has been in my brain as of late as I look around and process all that is happening around us and in our media. But I also see that in the midst of insanity, there is also a lot of good. I'm also deconstructing the infamous Ban Bossy campaign (not sure if I'm going to include that in the Fifty Shades post or the other or if it will be its own post, but it WILL be going up). In other news, I'm pushing to get the books Descent and Sared Atonement prepped for release and editing books for a couple other authors. I don't want to give an exact date because that usually jinxes it, but it will be very soon. I'm also finishing my role in the film Midnight Massacre and on the 28th, I will be going to Ohio

New Episode of The Underworld TV: Castle Blood, 2014

The popular and long running haunted attraction, Castle Blood is back for the 2014 Halloween season...and in a 100 year old funeral home! I sat down and caught up with Rick, aka Gravely MacCabre and got a bit of an inside on what they will be up to, not only for their Halloween attraction, but also their year round events. So watch and enjoy, and get more information at Also check them out at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This Might Offend Someone, Part 2

Although this is my blog where I share largely my own thoughts on issues and such, there are times when I see posts on my social networks that really make me happy. And lately, I've been REALLY annoyed, beyond what I typically am, with all the PC policing, the easily offended, the easily outraged, the humorless, etc. All of which, my friends, seem to be very fast spreading diseases. So while I prepare my books for release, my first YouTube video for the 2014 Halloween season, and my next blogposts (including a couple reviews), enjoy a rant from an awesome facebook friend of mine and a couple videos made by one of my favorite YouTubers, Leahmouse that - yes - offended people that somehow missed the humor behind it: My Facebook Friend's Rant: "When did this great, proud nation become such a breeding ground for self-entitled, over-indulged, whiners who claim to be "offended" by everything? This country fought it's way through the Great Depression and

"We MUST Stand Upon Our Desks"

Hey everyone. So I'm back to blogging and making regular posts. A lot has been on my mind lately, and anytime I would start a post, my mind would go off in so many different directions. I guess that's the price of dissecting and deconstructing things too much. :P The death of Robin Williams also shook me a little. Not only because he was and still is a tremendous influence for me, but also depression does hit pretty close to home. Check out the brief, but very much to the point post my acting teacher and friend Jeff Monahan posted. I think of all his works, "Dead Poets Society" was the film that influenced me the most. Especially this particular quote: "I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way." And we most certainly should. This is why I'm constantly dissecting and deconstructing. I always assume that there is more to everything than what we are being told. Very rarely do I take things at