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The Depreciation Lands Museum's Halloween Lantern Tour, 2016...

Happy Halloween! Here is a quick video I took just before the Halloween Lantern Tour at the Depreciation Lands Museum! This year I was a storyteller, telling a ghost tale from days of old... I also added creepy music for extra atmostphere. :) Music credit: Gone Beyond by Kevin MacLeod I will also be part of this Halloween Blog Hop with some amazing authors. So stay tuned! ***** For first access to giveaways and other content not seen by the rest of the world,  sign up for the free Messages from the Labyrinth Newsletter! Paperback copies of  Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1)  and  Sacred Atonement:Novelette (The Birthrite Series, # 1.5)  available together for the low price of $21.00 at my  Official Website My store and product line, Antiquity & Illusion is now available online at  my website's store  and at  Storevny . If your a first time visitor, enter the coupon code, A

Making an 18th Century Fire Bucket, Part 2

Hello everyone! Here is the continuation of making my 18th century fire bucket in Glunn Klass. When I left off, I had just pounded the mould into the sewn leather that will be my bucket. And now here are the next steps... 1.) Trim the edges that are around the mould. 2.) Mark where the stitching on the edges will be. 3.) Take your best Thor hammer and pound the hell out of that mould until it's out from the bucket. 4.) Mark and drill the holes around what will be the bottom of the bucket.  5.) Glue a strip of leather around the interior of the bottom edge. 6.) Once the glue is dry, take a drill and put it through the original holes and into the inner strip. 7.) Using a saddle stitch, stitch in what will be the bottom of the bucket. 8.) Trim off the edges and you are on your way to the next step...which I will show you at another time. :) ***** For first access to giveaways and oth