Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Chat with The Drunken Apprentice (at Fort Frederick in Big Pool, MD)

The Fort Frederick Market Faire that takes place every year in late April in Big Pool, MD brings many cool and talented sutlers and blanket traders with some gorgeous 18th century wares, many of which is handcrafted. One such blanket trader is the lovely woman behind The Drunken Apprentice Glassware. So check out my interview with her where she discusses her glass blowing technique and the history behind the specific designs. Enjoy! :)

Here is my own firing/Freemason glass that I use for my morning apple cider vinegar, Frankincense oil, and Ningxia Red shot. I will add that I very much enjoy rapping it on the table in true 18th century fashion once I've taken the shot. :D

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