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Mythologie Candles: Turning Homes into Castles

Greetings Time Traveler and Adventurer! If you follow me on social media (or even here!) you may have seen me mention a certain candle company a few times. Like many, I do love my candles, however, I am quite picky when it comes to my decision to purchase.  For many reasons, Mythologie Candles has become one of my new favorite collection of candles. Burning the Middle Earth inspired Bree's Spice Market Candle  during the Autumn Equinox with the music of David Arkenstone and  Charlee Brooks in the background   I discovered the candles pretty much at the time of their launch. My friend Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc sent me one of their links, and I am also a fan of Leah's music (Leah being the founder of the Mythologie Candle Company), especially as another musician that also writes music with a Celtic and Fantasy theme. And now the candle company very much reflects these themes!  One thing about this company that is quite remarkable was the fact that it was launched back in March of 20

Tiffany's Pre-Thanksgiving Livestream!

A little pre-thanksgiving hangout and project update! I update you a little on new music plans, discuss my own holiday plans, listen to some old releases of mine, and drink some kombucha! Come join me! Cheers! If you want an even more in depth involvement in this journey (which also includes my music in the Dark Celtic Rock realm, along with my stories), consider joining my Legion at my Patreon: ******* Thanks for reading! Go on a musical adventure with me through time where for five days I'll send you a new song or story, and a personal email from me! FIVE DAY JOURNEY THROUGH TIME: +++ FACEBOOK: +++ WEBSITE: +++ INSTAGRAM:

A Time Traveler's Halloween (Samhain Recap!): John Neville House and Cockayne Farmstead at Glen Dale

 Greetings Time Travelers and Adventurers! Not too long ago, the veils of our world thinned, bringing about the festival or holiday of Samhain. Also known to modern folk as Halloween! In true time traveler fashion, I participated in a couple of Halloween celebrations hailing from the 18th and 19th centuries.  The first one is of the Ghostly Tales by Firelight event at the John Neville House. This was an event that I actually ran and also participated in as a story teller!   The video made was a special Halloween bonus for the Dark Side of the Labyrinth series was presented in a previous post, but if you didn't catch it, here it is below: Also, here are photos from the evening!   Then a week later on Halloween night, I ventured out to West Virginia and the Cockayne Farmstead at Glen Dale for their Scarecrow Lane event. It was great to see friends there and I finally got to tour this awesome and fascinating historical landmark.   There will be a new episode featuring the footage I go