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Inside the Labyrinth, Ep 25: An 18th Century Soldier, with Rob Windhorst

We are on a new episode! In this one I sit down with another living historian, Rob Windhorst to discuss a soldier's life in the 18th century, along with the history behind Wayne's Legion and their role in the Whiskey Rebellion. ********** Thank you for reading! Go on a five day journey through time with me and receive a song or mystical story each day! Begin your journey here: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: OTHER MUSICAL PROJECTS: WAYWARD COMPANIONS:

Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair, 2019 (Big Pool, MD)

Well hello! I hope you enjoyed new ITL episodes featuring the interviews I conducted at this year's Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair. And today I am finally getting around to posting the blog recapping the event and showing you photos and such! If you are new here, I also posted a recap of last year's Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair. So check that out if you would like. :) FORT FREDERICK 18TH CENTURY MARKET FAIRE, 2018, Part 1 FORT FREDERICK 18TH CENTURY MARKET FAIR, 2018, Part 2 So this year, I camped out with the usual group (though we sometimes have others join us) inside 18th century tents with cots, lanterns, etc. You know, getting the full experience. :D I met up with part of my group early Friday evening and we set out for another weekend filled with history and tons of fabulous shopping. I will also add this time that thanks to Paul, everything in the camp was all nice and set up for everyone upon their arrival. Thanks, Paul. You're an ab