Thursday, June 13, 2019

Inside the Labyrinth, Ep 25: An 18th Century Soldier, with Rob Windhorst

We are on a new episode! In this one I sit down with another living historian, Rob Windhorst to discuss a soldier's life in the 18th century, along with the history behind Wayne's Legion and their role in the Whiskey Rebellion.

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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair, 2019 (Big Pool, MD)

Well hello!

I hope you enjoyed new ITL episodes featuring the interviews I conducted at this year's Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair. And today I am finally getting around to posting the blog recapping the event and showing you photos and such!

If you are new here, I also posted a recap of last year's Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair. So check that out if you would like. :)



So this year, I camped out with the usual group (though we sometimes have others join us) inside 18th century tents with cots, lanterns, etc. You know, getting the full experience. :D

I met up with part of my group early Friday evening and we set out for another weekend filled with history and tons of fabulous shopping. I will also add this time that thanks to Paul, everything in the camp was all nice and set up for everyone upon their arrival. Thanks, Paul. You're an absolute gem, angel, and a saint. What would we do without you? :P (there, I gave you full credit this time :D )

Important car selfie before heading out to Fort Frederick, all while sporting the Jessica Rabbit Glitter Bomb lipstick, which will be my next review at the Cosmetics Through the Ages blog. :)

 what 18th century luggage looks like

my pick me up of a coffee and cookie when we stopped at the Breezewood exit - also the halfway point to Maryland

After our arrival at Fort Frederick (and the beautifully set up camp) and getting our stuff settled in, we hung out for a while around the campfire (which is always fun), and turned in for the night.

Now normally at these events, I get up early and go for a jog (which is a great way to also take in the scenery as the sun rises); however, that ended up not happening this time because a.) it was FREEZING outside the cots and b.) I was more wiped out from the previous week than I thought. So a quick walk a little later in the early part of the morning sufficed, and I still managed to snag some really nice photos.

Paul's wonderfully set up campsite
 Fort Frederick prior to being opened to the public

What's also really nice is that a couple of the local historical societies out there set up stands where they sell things like coffee and breakfast sandwiches in the mornings (along with lunch items throughout the rest of the day). So of course, we all partook. And I don't mind giving to historical societies at all. So it was a win win.

After that, it was time to get suited up in the old 18th century attire and get prepped for the shopping marathon that was about to ensue. And I was more than prepared!

Ever since I started attending the Fort Frederick Market Fair three years ago, my first stop has always been Fashions Revisited, owned and operated by the very talented April C. Thomas, whose work can be seen on PBS, The History Channel, Discovery Channel, Mount Vernon and others.

 April C. Thomas in the Fashions Revisited tent at Fort Frederick

Needless to say, I absolutely adore April's work and enjoy shopping from her every year.

this gorgeous hat was one of several purchases from April this year!

my purchases from April's beautiful store

Check out April and Fashions Revisted at the following links:

After leaving April's tent, I had to say hi to my friends at Amey's Adournments! Andrea was also my first interview in the Fort Frederick series.

Andrea Amey, specializing in 18th century bling!

My next stop was at the Colonial Printer & Book Binder, or DeLea Sayer's tent. I met DeLea back in February at the 18th Century Artisan Fair in Lewisburg, PA. I love his product and if you want to see more of him, check out the interview I conducted with him at Fort Frederick (complete with links to his website and social media).

 Some of DeLea's display...yes, they did have a sense of humor in the 18th century, which DeLea and I discuss in the interview
 DeLea Sayer, Colonial Printer & Book Binder

only a little of the large purchase I made from him...more of my purchase will be seen in my presentation on Calligraphy and the history of quills, inkwells, old letters, and yes, the paper on which it was written! 

Another sutler I enjoy is 96 District Fabrics, owned by Jimmy and Beth Webb. From them, I purchased material with which I plan to make some pockets and maybe another hussef (or an 18th century sewing kit), along with a cake of beeswax and a thimble (you can never have too much beeswax or thimbles if you sew!).

 Jimmy and Beth Webb

my purchases from these lovely people

Check out 96 District Fabrics at the following links:

In between sutlers, I took in the sites and always enjoy entering the fort. You can almost feel the history circulating in the air as you enter...

 I highly recommend climbing to the top of the fort and looking out over the wall

 some fine gentlemen get ready to drill

Inside the barracks...

After hanging out in the fort for a bit, I visited a sutler that's another one of my faves. This time I stopped at the tent of Jess Young and Penny River Costumes. I was also pleasantly surprised to be tapped on the shoulder, only to turn around and see another one of my girls, Erica Nuckles. Erica is also Director of History and Collections at Fort Ligonier, which is another site that I have more than enough material on and will be covering in a near future post.

Jessica Young, Me, Erica Nuckles

I've purchased quite a bit from Jess since I met her last summer at Bushy Run Battlefield's reenactment event, and of course had to buy even more from her at Fort Frederick. Hey, she had a lot of great new stuff!
some gorgeous fabric of an 18th century inspired print (I plan to make a ladies jacket or short gown  out of it), a seam presser, and a pair of small crane shaped scissors that are appropriate for cutting thread

Jess also has an interview in the Fort Frederick series, so be sure to check that out if you haven't yet.

One mission I'm on this year when it comes to shopping at these events is adding to my 18th century dinnerware and kitchenware. This mission was helped along when I found an amazing potter, Amanda Lipp of Common Ground Pottery, and purchased this gorgeous piece (wonderful for sipping tea!).

This particular design was inspired by one that was popular in Jamestown in the time of the very early colonies (17th century) and would have been imported from England.

Amanda Lipp, the lovely lady behind Common Ground Pottery

 Contact Amanda for more info on her work:

At the end of the day after the park was closed to the public, our camping group went out to eat (in 18th century attire, of course...changing to go out to eat would have totally killed the vibe). When we returned, it was back to the campfire and then a nighttime walk around Fort Frederick State Park.

One thing I will add is that as beautiful as the fort is during the day, venturing in there at night is a whole new experience. If you have an opportunity to go for a nightly stroll inside the fort (legally, of course!) do it. You won't be disappointed. It is quite magical. :)

The following morning (Sunday) came a little too quickly. While Saturday is usually a major shopping day, Sundays tend to be more chill, make your final rounds, socialize with people and getting in some final small purchases. I also got in two more interviews. :)

So on Sunday I did not dress in 18th century attire as we were also going to be cleaning up camp and then heading home later in the day. My day at Fort Frederick in 21st century clothes went as follows.

One of my first non 18th century attired visits was to another one of my favorite sutlers, Burnley & Trowbridge. This is a company based out of Colonial Williamsburg and they have some of the most beautiful period appropriate fabric.

While I purchased a great deal from them last year, I kept my B&T purchases to silk ribbons and twill tape this year. Still excellent stuff!

I have covered Burnley & Trowbridge at the blog before, but definitely check them out. They are good people with great stuff!

A great discovery I made there this year was a lovely family that makes up the business Half Crown Bakehouse.

I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that they are not all that far from me. These are very good people, as is their food, so go show them some love. :)
 Half Crown Bakehouse website
Half Crown Bakehouse Facebook
Half Crown Bakehouse Instagram

Toward the end, I also visited the Father Son and Friends tent. I first encountered them last year at Fort Niagara and purchased the Celtic Symbol bag that I carry my early music stuff in to all my rehearsals! If you enjoy Celtic themed items, they are a great merchant to check out. They are also a music group and make great music!

And this beautiful journal was what I purchased from them. :)

Check out Father Son an Friends at the following links:
Father Son and Friends Website
Father Son and Friends Facebook
Father Son and Friends Instagram

A sutler that I like to pick up some odds and ends from is the Turkey Foot Trading Post. Before I've bought some rose and jasmine perfume from them, along with some Wild Rose handmade soap. This year, I wanted to try their Lily of the Valley Lotion Bar. This will also be reviewed at the Cosmetics Through the Ages blog.

Check out Turkey Foot Trading Post at the following links:
Turkey Foot Website
Turkey Foot Facebook

As I was making my final rounds, I was happy to come upon the White Historic Art tent. White Historic Art is Pamela Patrick White and Bryant White and both make beautiful 18th century themed paintings. I first met them last year at Fort Niagara. Feel free to check out my blogpost on last year's Fort Niagara French and Indian War event.



I was very flattered and honored when - at Fort Niagara - Pamela approached me about taking my photo as a reference for a future painting. This is just one of many walls of their beautiful work (I'll try getting up closer next time!) that you just might find displayed at an event they are present at.

Pamela and Bryant White's beautiful work

my purchase from them that is currently framed and hanging on my wall :)

Check out White Historic Art at the following links:
White Historic Art
 White Historic Art Facebook
Pamela Patrick White Facebook 
Pamela Patrick White Instagram

Erv Tschanz, Horner and Wood Turner, was another one of my interviews and another that I met back in February in Lewisburg (thanks to DeLea Sayer!). I am still quite happy with the English Cherrywood meat and cheese serving tray that I purchased, which I have used both at home and at museum events.

some of Erv's work

Check out my interview with the Horner and Wood Turner, along with a link to his website!

As someone involved in the early music scene, I always love running into other musicians within the same sub genre. Robert Mouland has been a presence at Fort Frederick (along with many other events over the past decades) and it was great getting to talk with him for a while. He is also my fifth and final interview in the Fort Frederick series, so be sure to check that out if you have not.

Robert Mouland demonstrating one of many instruments

Robert Mouland's Interview and links to his work can be checked out here. :)

Before we packed up our camp (and yes, we all pitched in and helped Paul tear down :P ), there was one last walk taken around the fort.

One final look out from the top of the wall...

It is always bittersweet when an event like this comes to an end and it is time to leave. While they are always a great time and many in attendance and participating are left with wonderful memories and something to look forward to for next year, there is always a slight melancholic air when something comes to an end. But it was great to be there for Fort Frederick Market Fair's 25th Anniversary and I definitely anticipate going again next year.

And once again, please check out the interviews with the awesome people from this year's event!
Interview with Andrea Amey of Amey's Adournments
Interview with Jess Young of Penny River Costumes
Interview with DeLea Sayers, Colonial Printer & Book Binder
Interview with Erv Tschanz, Horner and Wood Turner
Interview with Robert Mouland

Up next is the 2019 Old Fort Niagara French and Indian War event. I will be there camping with the French and chilling with friends and my French reenactment group, Compagnie LeBoeuf.

Til then!


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