Gettysburg 2020: More Photos and Anecdotes!

 Well greetings!

Not too long ago, the third episode of Dark Side of the Labyrinth was released and the episode covered my recent day trip to Gettysburg.

Normally, a Gettysburg trip would be a weekend long event, but unfortunately this year, many travel plans have been put on hold. So now as we are coming to the end of 2020, I am trying to visit as many places and history sites as possible! I have more that I plan to visit in the very near future that I look forward to bringing you along for.

If you want to check out the episode, it is below:

Dark Side of the Labyrinth, Ep 3: Travel to Gettysburg

In addition, many photos were taken as I tried to experience all I could in a single day. 

Taking a quick selfie before getting on the road...with my Caffeine Loading tumbler by Coffee Over Cardio
Upon my arrival in Gettysburg (aside from being super excited to be there, (as I always am no matter how many times I go), I was also quite hungry, almost to the point of be hangry. So I was able to find a parking space relatively near the Farnsworth House Inn so it wasn't too far of a walk to Sweney's Tavern, which is conjoined to the Farnsworth House Inn and is part of the attraction itself. And I still had yet to experience Sweney's Tavern. The usual lunch stop in Gettysburg is the Dobbin House Tavern (particularly their Springfield Tavern which is in the lower level of the house), but due to all the mandates and regulations, they are mostly doing outdoor dining. Eating within their downstairs tavern is more limited, so because I was pressed for time, I decided to instead this time, take in Sweney's Tavern.
I sat out in their gardens (maybe next time I'll get to sit inside the tavern), and it was quite lovely. The food was also delicious (I kind of forwent my typical healthy paleo based method of eating...hey, sometimes you have to!), and shout out to my awesome server, Brook!

I was able to get some shots on the outside, along with some of their interior displays.

Jennie Wade!

Since I had a few hours to kill before the Haunted Cellar Tour at the Farnsworth House that evening, I embarked on my adventures around Gettysburg. 

Now, just because I might not have eaten at the Dobbin House this time, didn't mean that I wasn't going to stop and show them some love. Instead, I visited their Country Curiosity Store.

I love that the Dobbin House Curiosity Shop sells the Naked Bee!

I ended up purchasing a few cool items here, as well as at some of the other places I visited. If you didn't catch my Ghostly Gettysburg Haul, it will be available at the end of this post.

While I did make it to the Jennie Wade house, apparently they were backed up for tours and the one they might have been able to put me on wasn't until later. Unfortunately, it would have made me late for my reservation at the Farnsworth House. So I did not get to tour the Jennie Wade House this time. But, that can just be something to do next time!

But, I did get this picture of the exterior! Hopefully there will be more on the next trip.

Also, Jennie Wade was the subject of the first Dark Side of the Labyrinth episode!

On my way back from the Jennie Wade House, I came upon this really cool tent setup. It was a tent that housed all sorts of cool gift items with jams as the main attraction! And since I always love a homemade jam or jelly, I stopped to see what they had going on. 
The lovely couple was indeed selling jams and jellies, but with a twist. It was all made with some sort of alcoholic beverage! In fact, the name of the business is Phannies Boozy Jams and Jellies! 
I ended up purchasing the red wine jam, which I have used on chicken and fish when I do my meal prep and it is awesome! 
If you want to check them out, their links are below the picture.

The awesome people of Phannie's Boozy Jams and Jellies standing right in front of my favorite Bed and Breakfast, A Sentimental Journey!

After that, I made a stop at the Shriver house. What is unique about this is attraction is that it not only tells the story of the Battle of Gettysburg from a citizens perspective, but it has been so well preserved that it has been used as a filming site for some major television networks such as PBS, History Channel, A&E, and Discovery. The house itself is indeed quite lovely and very well-kept. :)

Meet Gayle. The very lovely and eloquent Shriver House tour guide!
As a side note, it is also pretty cool to look into the alleyways between some of the houses. You can also still see some of the bulletholes that still linger from the Battle of Gettysburg.

After my stop at the Shriver House, it was back to the Farnsworth House! I made a stop in the gift shop and bought a couple of cool little items (which you can see in the haul video) and then had the Peanut Soup (which might sound a bit questionable, but is actually quite good!). I love the atmosphere of the Meade and Lee Dining area inside the Inn.

Last but certainly not least, it was time for the Haunted Cellar Tour. This is a great tour for those seeking out a tour that is informative, entertaining while not too terribly long, which was perfect for me since this was a short trip for me! And the tour guide, Lisa Patrick did not disappoint. :)

When in Gettysburg, take a selfie inside a haunted mirror!
After that, it was time for the drive home, and of course coffee was needed for that!

My coffee for the ride home
Although this trip was a short one, it was great to get back to Gettysburg this year as I try to get out there at least once a year. I'm hoping that the next trip out there will be a bit longer! 

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