A Tribute to Fort Henry Days 2020


As you know, this year has not been a good year for events, music, reenactment, or otherwise. Performing live has been something that I dearly missed and I've come to realize how much I really have taken being able to do so for granted. So you can imagine my sheer and utter joy when I heard that Fort Henry Days was actually taking place during Labor Day Weekend.

Wayward Companions was invited to perform (we've performed there every year since 2017) and even if we weren't, I was still planning to head down and get interviews and film a little documentary for this webzine and show. But then it happened. About a week before Fort Henry Days was supposed to take place, it was announced that the event was cancelled this year after all.

So like I did with events like Fort Frederick and Fort Niagara, I am posting photo and video highlights from years past.

And hopefully, next year, we will be able to bring you all new footage from these events. :) 



Inside the Labyrinth, Episode 2: An Interview with Joe Roxby

Inside the Labyrinth, Episode 3: Interview with Irish Folk Band, Gallowglass 

Inside the Labyrinth, Episode 4: Tre Megown, Medicine Woman and Herbalist 

Fort Henry Days at Oglebay Park, (Wheeling, WV) 

Inside the Labyrinth, Episode 5: Interview with Elizabeth Huxford

Interview with 18th Century Costumer, Kara Gordon 

My 2019 Summertime Travels: Fort Henry (Wheeling, WV) 





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