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A Sentimental Journey Bed & Breakfast - Gettysburg, PA

Well greetings once again!

I hope everyone celebrating is having a wonderful holiday weekend and we can all only hope that we are prepared for the craziness ahead as the winter holidays approach! As this year winds down, I'm sure many of us are looking back on what we all accomplished, what we did right, and what we can maybe improve upon in the coming year. I know for me it's been quite a year with all my endeavors, between music, living history, film, and more. In the next year, I hope to continue to build upon everything and I already am setting plans in place to work on those very endeavors.

One thing that I've been doing a lot of in the last couple years is traveling more. Some of this is due to the lines of work I'm in, but sometimes the occasional pleasure cruise is good for the soul. Sometimes this travel might be solo and other times it is with a likeminded friend.
But one of my favorite places to visit is Gettysburg. As a historian, I can appreciate really any historic town, but in my opinion, there is almost this otherworldness (is that even a word??) to its vibe. And perhaps it does have to do with a lot of its history and the paranormal activity that is reported there on a very frequent basis. For a little more on that, check out my post on the Farnsworth House.

All in all though, Gettysburg really is almost like another world.

Back in early August, a trip to Gettysburg was taken. In my opinion, you just can't stay at a modern chain hotel when in Gettysburg. This is a town where you pretty much have to stay at a historic bed and breakfast. There are a few good ones here, but this time the choice was A Sentimental Journey B&B.

A Sentimental Journey is located in heart of Gettysburg and around a lot of other major attractions, such as the Farnsworth House and The Dobbins House Tavern (check out my blogpost on the Dobbin House as well!), shops, etc. This alone makes it a great place to visit. On their website, they are described as being a nostalgic bed and breakfast that is set along the road that Abraham Lincoln traveled on his way to deliver the Gettysburg Address. While most of the historic B&Bs are very much entrenched in the era and time of the Civil War, A Sentimental Journey offers an aesthetic that suggests more of a turn of the 20th century look and vibe. Each room has a theme and beautifully put together. The themes are as follows:

Age of Chivalry Room
Beautiful Dreamer Room
LaBelle Epoque Room
String of Pearls Room
The Charleston Room
Moonlight Serenade Room

The room I have experience with is LaBelle Epoque, which offers a visitor a step back into the post Civil War late Victorian era.

If requested, you can have a coffee mug filled with chocolate awaiting your arrival.

Coffee mug with chocolates was a pleasant way to arrive

I was immediately taken by the loveliness of the LaBelle Epoque room and in my opinion, the photos hardly do it justice.

I also got a little video around the kitchen, which the owners keep stocked with food, tea, and coffee so visitors can help themselves at any time of the day or night.

And I also had to capture these really adorable aprons hanging on the wall!

In addition to being a bed & breakfast, the owners also offer a homemade ice cream shop in the lobby called Cone Sweet Cone. Of course, they have dairy options but they also have a couple of vegan options made with almond milk. The owners typically will also gift guests with coupons for a free ice cream during their stay. "Non-guests" visiting the ice cream shop will pay whatever the prices are. Either way, it is worth it as the ice cream is absolutely delicious. I kept getting the chocolate peanut butter ice cream made with almond milk. :)

 Just outside Cone Sweet Cone :)

In addition to the ice cream shop in the lobby, they also have the Aces High Gallery which features memorabilia from the two World Wars of the earlier 20th Century (WW1 and WW2).

As a whole, LaBelle Epoque room was quite comfortable and wonderful to retreat back to upon returning from site seeing and going on the Farnsworth Inn Ghost Tours. The claw footed bathtub was also an added plus. Another nice thing about staying in the LaBelle Epoque room is that it is in located in back of the B&B and therefore much of the traffic is blocked out, making the room nice and quiet.

I very much recommend staying here when in Gettysburg and on next visit, I will likely stay here again. The only dilemma I will have though is whether to stay in LaBelle Epoque again or to try one of the other rooms...

Til then. :)

Night shot taken after getting back from the Farnsworth House


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