Thursday, August 29, 2019

Historic Dobbin House Tavern (Gettysburg, PA)

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As summer starts drawing to a close and the weather is getting cooler, many of us -myself included - are looking back on the many things this season brought. For me it was a lot of gigs and travel.
As someone very much involved in the history world, I naturally love to visit historic towns and Gettysburg is among my favorites. There is just something about a town that is steeped in so much history along with paranormal sightings. As the Halloween season draws nigh, we will be getting into a little more of haunted history, particularly when I discuss the Farnsworth Inn. But in the meantime, I will talk about one of my other favorite places in Gettysburg, the Dobbin House Tavern.

This is one of those places that I always make a point to visit anytime visiting Gettysburg.The Dobbin House has quite an interesting history in itself as having played a role in the underground railroads during the time of the Civil War. It is Gettysburg's old historic home, built in 1776, long before the Civil War was even a thought. Therefore, the atmosphere is more of the Colonial era as opposed to the era that Gettysburg is most known for. To me, this is what makes this place so charming and unique to all the other establishments in the area. The Dobbin House includes the Springhouse Tavern (highly recommended), Gettystown Bed and Breakfast (never stayed here, but perhaps that might be in the cards for the future), a Country Curiosity Store (love!) and the Abigail Adams Ballroom.

I will admit, I have never sat in the upstairs dining area of the Dobbin Tavern because a beeline is always made for the downstairs Springhouse tavern. I absolutely adore the overall atmosphere as the decor is quite reminiscent of the old taverns of yore. You also have the option of getting a table or a bar seat. If you really want an authentic candlelit tavern experience, sit down at one of their tables. Though we also had fun sitting at the bar and conversing with the barmaids!

 I will also add that the food on the menu is delicious and I highly recommend the black bean burger.

Picture taken of my meal before it was consumed...

 There is much more to the Dobbin House Tavern and Inn. Upstairs (in addition to the other dining area) there is a museum telling the story of the house's history, along with artifacts and documents.

Then there is the very charming Country Curiosity Store which alone is worth the drive and trip to Gettysburg, in my opinion. The store includes items such as essential oils (you all know me and my essential oils!), different handmade items, music (I made some cool new discoveries browsing their music selection), and personal care products. They carry the Naked Bee personal care line, a line with good ingredients in their product.
I will add that the staff at the Dobbin House is always extremely friendly and seems to love what they do there (and if they don't, they are pros at faking it!).

Overall, I have nothing but good things to say about the Dobbin House Tavern and if you are planning a trip to Gettysburg, definitely make this one of your stops. :)


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