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COVER REVEAL: Saturn Sun: A Novella (The Birthrite Series, #2.5)

The novella that will follow the release of Kindred (The Birthrite Series, #2)...

This Week...

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great holiday and weekend. :)

I will be back this week with a new Vixen recap and an my new Human Behavior essay on the subject of Morality.

Have a lovely remainder of your weekend.



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More Interesting Witch Trial Finds or "Morality: An Intro"

Hello to all my lovely readers,

As I prepare my blogpost on Morality in our society (the newest essay in my Human Behavior analysis series), I wanted to share some more findings from my research into the witch trials in early colonized America.
For the time being, I'm taking a little break from Salem and focusing in on my own home state of Pennsylvania. I feel that doing so will help with understanding the trials of Salem a little more, especially when I delve into Cotton Mather's biography.
I am also calling this an introduction to my blogpost on Morality because these are things I want you all to consider when going into reading that particular essay.

As I stated in one of my last postings, I started reading Thomas White's Witches of Pennsylvania: Occult History and Lore. Now another reason for my wanting to focus on Pennsylvania for the time being is that the state's history with witch trials may surprise some. In one of my first postings on my research into the wi…

Meganne Stepka Releases New EP, INNER DIALOGUE

Hey all!

Just spreading the word for a fellow artist and musician. Check out her press release below. :)

Meganne Stepka will release her newest EP, Inner Dialogue, on 11/11. The EP is an intimate introduction to this fierce muse of the night and a glance at her library of work. Stepka selected the name by reflecting her personal inner dialogue and hoping to inspire her audience to do the same. “Any chance you get to get someone else thinking or feeling more makes the world a better place, it just does; it’s simple physics,” says Stepka.
The EP features “Mary Ann,” an upbeat pop song inspired by her grandma. The single was recorded/produced by Matt Troja (Nashville/Cleveland/LA) and mastered by Grammy award-winning engineer Brad Blackwood. It is followed by “Harmony’s Conflict,” a stream of consciousness piece recorded to tape in whispers in the middle of the night. The other two tracks, “Blue Fairy Tale” and “Change What You Can,” lie somewhere in between, showcasing Step…

VIXEN (THE FLAPPERS, #1) Recap: Chapter 5 "Clara" or "Why Couldn't the Author Just Focus On Clara's Story?"

Hi everyone,

Well it begins again. These chapter by chapter recaps of Vixen (The Flappers, #1). I'm actually excited about getting back into them.

Now as I am having intense editing sessions in order to get Kindred (The Birthrite Series, #2) ready to go for a January 1 release, these recaps will only be done every other week for the time being. Maybe after the release of Kindred and during the bleak winter months I will switch to weekly recaps, but for now, every other week is more doable.

So now, onto the recap of Chapter 5.

First, if you are new to these recaps (or you need a memory refresher from when the last was posted), here are the other recaps starting from the Prologue through Chapter 4.

Prologue and Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Now when we left the world of 1923 Chicago, the uber priveleged Gloria shocked everyone by cutting her hair into a bob. Then it became a scene right out of Titanic with Gloria in the role of Rose. Only a much more annoying and very unlikab…

Coming Up In November

Hi everyone,

After a busy October I am ready for things to calm down a bit, though I will hardly be sitting idle.

First, I recently performed musically at the Depreciation Lands Museumfor their event, A Winter's Tavern Night, this passed weekend. Here is a quick video of the preparations for the event:

I am also happy to announce the winner of my Halloween Blog Hop giveaway where I gave away a signed copy of Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1). The winner is Paul Worley of Sharon, PA. So congrats and I will be sending the book tomorrow. :)

And speaking of my book series, I will be releasing the ebook version of Kindred (The Birthrite Series, #2) on January 1, 2016 (with the paperback to follow shortly after). And as I said a couple times, January 1 is a significant date within the series. It becomes more obvious in book 2, but it even shows up in Descent if you are paying attention. :)
December 1 will bring the cover reveal for Saturn Sun: A Novella (The Birthrite Series, #2.5) al…