Friday, February 28, 2014


Hey everyone,

So if you've noticed a few different things about this blog (actually many different things) it is that this has now become my official blog where I will blog regularly.

Why this blog, you ask? Well, it has the most on it regarding the Birthrite Series. This blog will also link to The Birthrite Series Website as well as the new that is being launched within a couple weeks. Like my YouTube Channel, I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do with it now, so I will be blogging fairly regularly, about the Birthrite series, other projects, and other cool stuffs.

Also, if you look at the sidebar, I have a few blogs that I also recommend. One is the blog of Jenny Trout/Abigail Barnett. She has written a few cool vampire, young adult, and erotica (hence the two different author names), and she also does a hilarious recap of the book series, Fifty Shades of Grey.
I very much recommend checking out her Fifty Shades Recaps if you want a good laugh.

The other is Karen Marie Moning who does some really cool Highlander and Celtic legend romance/dark fantasy stories.

The third is Sean Croxton's Underground Wellness. I came across him on YouTube a couple years ago, and his videos and podcasts on health and wellness really resonated with me. It has to do with holistic living and some alternative medicine, so if that isn't your thing and you strongly disagree with that, proceed at your own risk. Otherwise, peruse his awesome site. :)

So, when can you expect a new blogpost from me? I'd say every Thursday as that seems to be the best day for blogging. But, I may throw in a bonus one if I have something really important to say.

I'm still reorganizing the blog, so it may still have some minor changes here and there. But I am looking forward to blogging every week (or at least almost every week...sometimes things happen that cut into blogging time).

Welp, that is all for now as I have some editing and such to do.
Catch y'all later.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Book I Edited is Released Today!

Hey everyone,

Non-related Birthrite Series news: a book I edited is now available for public consumption! It's a fast-paced and fun read. It's also a little different from what I normally do. So check it out and pick it up!

Thanks everyone and more coming soon! :)


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cover Reveals!

Hey everyone!

If you've checked The Birthrite Series Website, you may notice a couple new things:

1.) The cover reveal for "The Cemetery by the Lake." This is a free short story that I will be releasing on March 4 through Smashwords. And here is the cover:

2.) While I know I said that the cover for "Descent (The Birthrite Series 1)" would be released on March 4 with the short story, "The Cemetery by the Lake," I am so happy and so excited about how the cover turned out that I'm revealing it early. Here 'tis!

So those are the covers, and now that the "Descent" cover is released, I'll be using it for the playlists as well. :)

I also want to the thank graphic designer extraordinaire, Rowen Poole, for helping me see the vision I had for the covers become a reality. I'm so excited to give you all the finished and edited stories.

Thanks everyone and have a lovely weekend. :)


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dates for "Descent" Cover Reveal and a Free Short Story

So when is the cover design for "Descent" being released along with a free short story? Answers lie within this link:

Birthrite Series News 

The Birthrite Series playlist will also be fixed and back up once the cover is revealed. :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Birthrite Vlog and Other Links

Hey everyone,

Well, here is the first video blog on how the series came about:

It will be the first of many.

And head on over to my YouTube Channel for more fun stuff.

And check out the Official Website for the series.

Thanks all!

Monday, February 10, 2014

So We're Really Legit, Now

Hey everyone,

I now have the Birthrite Series domain set up so the site is really ready to go now. :)

Birthrite Series Website

I am really excited to get the finished product done and out there.

I've also tweaked my YouTube Channel a little and have a new vlog. It's also posted at the new website as most content will be from here on out (though I do link to this blog on the site, I'm trying to shift most traffic over to the website). But for now, I'm posting the vlog here as well:

So, hope you'll be regular visitors of the Birthrite Series site as well as the new site that will be up soon.  And feel free to connect with me at Twitter and Facebook as well as the Birthrite Series Facebook. I'll also be solving the Playlist problem here too asap. :)

Thanks everyone,

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Website is Now Up!

Well, I feel legit now!

The Birthrite Series website is now up. :) It needs some tweaking and will have a legit web address soon, but here it is:

Birthrite Series Website

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From the Most Recent Draft of "Descent"

A new excerpt! We're still editing, but you get the idea. :)
Also, if you are on Facebook, 'like' the series there for more updates :)

Birthrite Series Facebook Page

Now, the excerpt:

Linda was still in Dorothy’s bedroom at ten ‘o’ clock when Matthew and Liz were about to get ready for bed. As Matthew drove Linda home, Dorothy changed into her nightclothes and for the first time, used the cold cream and vanishing cream that Linda had brought her. She sat in her bed in the dim light of the small lamp and sage candle on her nightstand. The eyes of the wolf figurine her father’s cousin, Tahatan, had given her shortly after her birth seemed to glow next to the candle as the relaxing aroma of sage filled the room.
Dorothy finished reading the anthology, American Ghost Stories with various authors. Among them was a story titled The Child with the Black Eyes, written in the year 1852 by James Livingston’s youngest son, Lawrence. She had read the story before, but it seemed to take on new life every time read. As if the story itself was alive…
Dorothy yawned, climbed out of bed, and set the book back in its place on her packed to capacity bookshelf. Her eye caught the spine of The Secret Garden, one of her favorite books as a child, given to her as a gift from her mother’s sister, Roxanne. She remembered wishing to escape into the pages of the book so she could go live in the garden with Mary, Colin, and Dickon. Since the age of seven, she had—in some ways—locked herself in her own world. Perhaps it was time to venture outside the walls of the magical garden. She would be turning eighteen that December after all…

That night, the feathers of the dream catcher above her bed moved as she fell into a restless sleep. Her dreams were the kind so bizarre, she wouldn’t even begin being able to explain them even if she tried. The only parts that were clear to her, was when she saw herself with Carl.