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Playlist Complications

Okay. So 8tracks is pissing me off. I edited the 3 playlists from the series' working title (Bloodlines) to the official title (Birthrite Series), but anytime I try to share it on the facebook page or my twitter, it keeps showing the link as supposedly broken. Why allow you to edit the title if you can't share the new link afterward? So, either I'll figure it out or have to upload the whole thing again.  Either way, we'll have music again.

Back to the drawing board...

...for a few characters and timelines of events. There are some major ones that I'm still a little shaky on, even as I revise the drafts. So I'm taking a little break from revisions and taking to my notes to write out and re-plot some of the characters' backgrounds and some of the timelines and family trees. Just to make sure there are no discrepancies. :) Vlog coming soon at long last. :) And sometimes I do nonfiction as well! Check out this interview I conducted with author, Freda Warrington for Ravenous Monster Webzine: My Interview with Freda Warrington

An Added Scene!

Hello, everyone! Hope you all are have a fabulous 2014 so far. As I've said, the more drafts I do, the more the characters evolve.  For your reading pleasure (hopefully), I am giving you part of an added scene in "Descent" (Book 1): The first real kiss of Dorothy and Carl when they are out on their first solo date together. In the first draft, I did gloss over that (for reasons I'll explain in a vlog I'm going to do), but with the new drafts, the scene began coming to life (as did a couple others that show the development of their relationship before all the shit begins hitting the fan). So, hope you enjoy the new scene (the book is still is going through editing, so bear with me). :) Throughout the picture, Dorothy noticed Carl stealing glances at her as he gave her hand gentle squeezes. When the film was halfway through, he placed his arm around her shoulders, bringing her close to him. Her heart fluttered as she laid her head in the crook of

More Revisions

Okay, so you guys are probably sick of me showing you revisions of the same chapters, but here is how I'm working. After a few grueling revisions of HECTOR'S CAVE, NICOLAE'S ESCAPE, and THE TIME IN BETWEEN, I'm working on these chapters a couple at a time as to not overwhelm myself too much to the point to where the words start to swim in front of me. I'm trying to get each chapter and each part as "perfect" as I can get them before printing them out and going over everything again with a red pen. I'm liking these new revisions as they are also revealing more about the characters and because of that, the characters are evolving more. So this will be the last revision I will show you guys of these particular chapters, I swear. :) PART 3: Shadows of the Past Plains, NY 1931  Chapter 14 From the time she came into the world at the stroke of midnight on December 1, 1913, Dorothy Frances Blake resided in Plains Township as