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Second Draft/First Rewrite: Chapter 14 (Excerpt)

Here is an excerpt from the second draft/first rewrite of Chapter 14.  The second draft begins to explore Carl's wild side a little more than the first draft does as it is relevant later on. CHAPTER 14 The main building was the largest of the five buildings on the property.  It sat in the forefront of the grounds, empty and silent.  In back of it was a two story building that had housed the janitorial staff and further back from that was a small toolshed.  On the way over to the main building, Jimmy, Carl, and Reginald talked of returning one night with George and Evan to explore the other buildings and possibly the surrounding woods. “Maybe we’ll find your werewolf then, Carl,” Jimmy said, slapping Carl on the back as Reginald laughed. Dorothy exchanged glances with Linda and Gail.  She wasn’t sure of how she felt about Carl returning here to do some more exploring even if it was with a group of some other boys.  Dorothy knew that all it took was for one of the boys

Second Draft/First Rewrite: Chapter 8 (Excerpt) and new Final Interlude at the end of Part 1, NICOLAE'S ESCAPE

This is the final portion of the first rewrite of Chapter 8 in PART 1 NICOLAE'S ESCAPE.  I also added a final interlude titled The Beginning of the End at the end of Part 1.  It gives more insight into the beginnings of Nicolae and Teresa's very disfunctional marriage that will assist with later chapters in the first draft that return to Nicolae, Teresa, and Eloisa. Chapter 27 of the first draft will be coming soon :) CHAPTER 8 (Excerpt only) As Teresa stood watching Nicolae, small waves of doubt began to churn inside of her.  Could she really do this with her lack of experience?  She remembered how natural the movements of Nicolae and the other woman being together had been. They just seemed to fit so well together… Of course, Teresa had pictured a different type of scenario when she began to imagine herself ending up with Nicolae and she still felt hurt by his repeated rejections of her.   Don’t be afraid, she heard the familiar voice in her mind say.  Taki

Updated the CHAPTERS and SAMPLES sections

Hey everyone, Just updated the  CHAPTERS  and  SAMPLES  sections of this site as there were some of the more recent entries missing from them. So now you can check them out nice and up to date :) Tiffany

Progress of First Rewrite/Second Draft of Book 1

The first rewrite/second draft of the first book in this series is coming along.  I'm uncovering new things about the characters and places and even combining a couple chapters I have come to feel were unnecessary to not be one whole chapter. In August I'll be going on a retreat of sorts to attempt finishing the first rewrite/second draft of Book 1 and finish (or at least come close to finishing) the first draft of Book 2. If you would like to see some samples of Book 1's second draft, visit the SAMPLES section of this site :) Thanks for reading and Chapter 27 will be up this week :) Tiffany

PART 2, THE FIRST EVIL, 1931-1933: Chapter 26 (UNEDITED)

Here is Chapter 26 a little earlier. If you are just catching up, see the  CHAPTERS section  to read the Prologue-Second Prologue before proceeding to the Chapter 26. Otherwise, read from the word go :) CHAPTER 26 Jimmy and Reginald arrived at around 4:30.   There was still plenty of time to hang out as nobody had to be home for dinner until about six.   Linda and Gail had been sitting on Dorothy’s bed filling her in on the latest gossip at school.   Dorothy glanced down at Carl who sat on the floor beside the desk chair she still sat on.   Carl sat with an arm around Dorothy’s waist and a rather pained expression in his eyes.   Dorothy almost had to laugh at the site of her boyfriend having to sit in the middle of girls’ gossip.   His expression of pain turned to relief when Jimmy and Reginald thundered up the stairs and burst into the room.   Linda immediately jumped up and threw her arms around Jimmy and Reginald moved in to give Gail a quick kiss. “How are you fee

PART 2: THE FIRST EVIL, 1931-1933: Second Interlude (UNEDITED)

Here is a bonus, the SECOND INTERLUDE in Part 2. If you are just catching up, see the  CHAPTERS section  to read the Prologue-Chapter 25 before proceeding to the Second Interlude. Otherwise, read from the word go :) SECOND INTERLUDE Montreal,  Canada 1875 Teresa stood on the edge of the shore, gazing out to the rolling waters of the Atlantic .   A week ago, her husband became part of that ocean.   As of a week ago, the Atlantic was where he would remain long after they were all dead and gone.   It was Nicolae Ganoush’s final resting place. Well I suppose you got what you wanted, Teresa thought as the wind beat the thick, long dark hair she had maintained since she was a young girl, whipping the strands against her face.   “You go what you wanted…” she whispered as a tide came in and for a brief moment consumed her bare feet.   She watched her long strands of hair being pushed around by the wind.   The dark strands may have been streaked with gray now, but it wa

PART 2, THE FIRST EVIL, 1931-1933: Chaper 25 (UNEDITED)

Here is Chapter 25. If you are just catching up, see the  CHAPTERS section  to read the Prologue-Chapter 24 before proceeding to Chapter 25. Otherwise, read from the word go :) CHAPTER 25 Dorothy had hardly been able to even touch the snack that her mother had brought up for her.   She picked at the food, eating small bites after Tahatan went downstairs to talk to Liz.   Dorothy was alone again.   Her bedroom was quiet and the faint sounds of Tahatan and Liz’s voices downstairs could be heard.   Dorothy couldn’t hear what was being said, but she was able hear the strained tone in her mother’s voice.   Occasionally Tahatan would interject his calm, soothing voice but even his had a slight chill to it. Dorothy considered going to the edge of the stairs and getting a better listen at what was being said but in the end decided she didn’t have to.   The tones in which they spoke said it all. They think I’m crazy…everyone thinks I’m cracking up…my parents, Tahatan…probably