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First Rewrite/Second Draft of PART 1, NICOLAE'S ESCAPE: Chapter 1

Here is the first rewrite/second draft of Chapter 1.  I was just going to post a small excerpt from the chapter, but I was liking how it was developing so I decided to post the whole thing for you guys.  Plus, I feel the new developments start to offer a better insight into the relationship of Nicolae, Sebastian, and Eloisa. As I said, I do go into more detail with some things in the second draft so it is longer and things are a bit more descriptive (including some of the more sensitive subjects that are touched on in the story).  So read on if you like and I'll be posting Chapter 19 of the first draft by the end of the week (and I'll have to make myself only post smaller excerpts of the second and and other subsequent drafts from here on out :D ). The excerpts from the second and an other subsequent drafts will also be available in the new SAMPLES section. CHAPTER 1 JULY, 1844 It was on the second night of their escape into the woods when Eloisa began coming

PART 2, THE FIRST EVIL: 1931-1933: Chapter 18 (UNEDITED)

Sorry this is a little late.  The weekend has been on the crazy side. If you are just catching up, see the  CHAPTERS section to read the Prologue-PART 2: Chapter 17 before proceeding to PART 2: Chapter 18.   Otherwise, read from the word go :) CHAPTER 18 She was back here again.   She had been returned to the forest.   At least she thought it was the same forest.   The last time she had been here, everything had been blanketed in a silvery fog but this time, she could see everything clearly.   It was autumn in this forest and most of the trees, save for the evergreens were almost barren as the colors of red, orange, brown, and gold covered the woodland floor.   It was also daylight, appearing to have been just after sunrise.   The scent of forest brush was prominent and the air was cool on the skin of her arms.   She listened, hearing only the silence that surrounded her.   There were no sounds of life to be heard and not even the smallest amoung of wind blew.   But