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Chapter 15 to be posted later on and more fixes to Chapter 14

Hey everyone, After I get a few more things done, I'll be posting Chapter 15 later tonight.  Even though this is supposed to be the "raw and completely unedited" first draft, I'll be combing through the chapters prior to posting them from here on out.  Not to the extent I will be when doing the second draft?  But at least looking for inconsistencies that will stick out like a sore thumb.  I ended up finding and fixing another in Chapter 14.  Yes, the whole thing with the painting the kids find upon entering the hall that is similar to the Monet painting.  Since the Monet in question was done in 1903, it was obviously done well after Cedric and Margaret Fleming had died so there's no way they could have even known of it to have something similar done (or....could they....?).  But even if they somehow mysteriously could (which may be another avenue to open in the Flemings' story), there's no way Dorothy could really know that (at least not at that first m

Details, Details! (Chapter 14)

Hey everyone, Chapter 14 was posted last night and I added a little more detail to one of the conversations that the kids have.  Just some historical stuff that I brushed over when I wrote this first draft that I meant to add a little more to when I posted it but then didn't.  It was bothering me, so I went ahead and added a little more.  Overall this is an unedited first draft, but there are a couple standout things that I am correcting now (and there likely will be a little more I'll find as I do the second draft). But other than that, happy reading! Read on to Chapter 14 :) PS- Also when I was going back to add the needed historical details to Chapter 14, I was skimming over it again and found that I got Brecht and Geothe confused (when Dorothy takes the copies of Faust) when I originally did this first draft.  Definitly a big 'Oh snap' moment.  So I fixed that as well.   I'm not going to lie.  I will say that Chapter 14 was a bit of a challenge to wri

PART 2, THE FIRST EVIL, 1931-1933: Chapter 14 (UNEDITED)

If you are just catching up, see the  CHAPTERS section to read the Prologue-PART 2: Chapter 13 before proceeding to PART 2: Chapter 14.   Otherwise, read from the word go :) CHAPTER 14 “Well then, what are we waiting for?   Let’s head on up!” Carl said. Jimmy, Carl, Reginald, and Linda began to climb the stairs to the door that closed off the Fleming’s old quarters to the outside world.   Dorothy and Gail hesitated before following.   Carl pushed ahead to the top step and reached out to try the door.   He barely laid a hand on it when it opened to them with a loud creak, causing all of them to take a step backward.   They stood, staring into the dark void that lay beyond the doorway.   Jimmy shone his flashlight inside, revealing a hallway lined with rooms that led down to the dead end wall.   When nobdy made a move to enter first, Carl turned back to them and said, “Well, shall we?” “Definitely,” Jimmy immediately answered. “Of course,” Reginald added. The bo

As we await Chapter 14...

Another song for the playlist!  Loreena McKennit is an artist I've been listening to alot of as I wrote the first draft and now begin the second draft :) Loreena McKennit:  "The Wind That Shakes the Barley" Chapter 14 on Friday! :) 

PART 2, THE FIRST EVIL, 1931-1933: Chapter 13 (UNEDITED)

If you are just catching up, see the  CHAPTERS section to read the Prologue-PART 2: Chapter 12 before proceeding to PART 2: Chapter 13.   Otherwise, read from the jump :) CHAPTER 13 Carl, Dorothy, and Reginald could only remain silent as they still tried to comprehend what had just occurred.   Reginald still sat on the floor with Gail, holding onto her as she softly sobbed against his shoulder.   Dorothy glanced over to the doorway into the dark hallway Linda had run to and to where Jimmy had run after her. “I’m going to look for Linda,” Dorothy suddenly said, “and see if Jimmy found her and if she’s alright.” “Well I’m coming with you,” Carl said. “I’ll be fine,” Dorothy said. “I’m not having you run around here by yourself,” Carl said, “I’d wager it’s very easy to get lost here.” Dorothy looked to Reginald and Carl followed her gaze.   Reginald looked up at them and said, “You two can go find Jimmy and Linda.   I’ll stay here with Gail.   We’ll also sta

PART 2, THE FIRST EVIL, 1931-1933: Chapter 12

So things got a little crazy today, but here is Chapter 12! If you are just catching up, see the  CHAPTERS section to read the Prologue-PART 2: Chapter 11 before proceeding to reading PART 2: Chapter 12.   Otherwise, read from the jump :) CHAPTER 12 The words Nathaniel Fleming Orphanage were etched into the stone sign that stood at the bottom of the hill.   Underneath those words were founded in 1842.   Dried leaves and twigs engulfed the sign that welcomed whoever dared venture onto the old property.   Jimmy turned his car and slowly began to move the vehicle up the hill.   The beams from the headlights lit up the driveway as the car inched it’s way up the hill as Jimmy kept a watch out for deer and other animals that had a tendency to sometimes jump out in front of moving cars.   They were halfway up the hill at the old security building when Jimmy breaked the car to a halt.   “Let’s pull into here,” Jimmy suggested referring to the small parking area behind the