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Chapter 4 Coming Friday, Music Update

I'm getting over this slight head cold (and as I always do if I get sick:  did it all drugs) and should be back in full action by the end of the week.  Meaning, Chapter 4 (and maybe some other updates) will be posted on Friday. In the meantime, Josh Groban's cover of "Hallow Talk" is on the playlist and I'm working on putting together the Spotify playlist. Hope everyone has a fabulous week!  :)

Chapter 3 is Up

I just posted the unedited first draft of Chapter 3. This chapter takes place two years later from where we left off.  Check it out here. Or if you are just catching up, check out the Prologue through the Second Interlude in the CHAPTERS SECTION . I also added some new info in the BEHIND THE BLOODLINES SECTION and new music has been added to the playlist in the Music Section:  Sarah Brightman's "Only an Ocean Away" and Tori Amos's "Precious Things." Another interesting thing regarding "Precious Things":  the character Joanna (you all will meet her and Everett later) is, as I mentioned, a pianist.  Paganini is her favorite composer and Tori Amos is among her favorite artists.  But until then, enjoy the Prologue through Chapter 3 and stay tuned for Chapter 4 coming soon! I will be updating every Monday and/or Friday (one to two times a week).


If you're just catching up, read the PROLOGUE through the SECOND INTERLUDE in the CHAPTERS SECTION . CHAPTER 3 Aragon , Spain   May, 1846 The elusive young man had taken over Teresa’s every thought since she crossed paths with him by the lake three days ago.   She and her younger sister Alea had finished washing clothes and were returning the bucket they were using to the shed some of the men from their small Gitano village had built.   They were walking the short distance back to the village to hang the clothes on the line to dry.   Teresa was a girl of sixteen and Alea was twelve.   Teresa had caught site of the young man in the opposite direction, walking rather quickly toward them along the trail.   Alea tugged at the sleeve of Teresa’s dress trying to steer her older sister in a direction away from the approaching stranger.   But Teresa’s curiosity overtook any fear she may have had, especially when she was able to see how pleasing to her eyes the young man w


Chapter 2 is now up and because it is so short, I also posted the Second Interlude of Part 1.  I plan to update this site between 1 and 2 times a week which includes new chapters, music, information behind the "bloodlines," etc.  It will give it more of a sense of 'order' and allow me time to pace everything as I also have other projects I need to finish and work on!  I plan to post Chapter 3 on Friday. I've also changed the SAMPLE CHAPTERS page to simply the CHAPTERS page.  I decided that for the time being, this makes alot more sense since I decided to release the full version of Book 1's unedited first draft.  As I said, this is kind of experimental for me and where I'm going with this can best be explained in the following link (if you're just joining us): News on BLOODLINES I've also added some new music to the playlist.  Borrowing from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, Dokken's "Dream Warriors" is another song I'

PART 1, NICOLAE'S ESCAPE: Second Interlude (UNEDITED) *violent content*

If you're just catching up, read the FULL PROLOGUE, Part 1-4 and Conclusion UNEDITED and PART 1, NICOLAE'S ESCAPE: First Interlude (UNEDITED) *Explicit* and CHAPTER 1 and CHAPTER 2 before reading on to the SECOND INTERLUDE.  SECOND INTERLUDE The dagger drew close to Dimitri’s throat.   The terror in the young heir’s eyes was unmistakable and Nicolae couldn’t help being swallowed by the sense of power he felt.   He watched as the dagger’s blade sliced Dimitri’s throat, ear to ear in one clean, swift, movement.   He could see the blood beginning to gush out of the wound and from Dimitri’s mouth.   But watching him bleed to death this way wasn’t enough.   Nicolae drove the dagger deeper into the other man’s throat, slicing through muscle and down to the spinal chord.   Blood began to squirt out everywhere as life drained out from the spoiled, rich boy.   There was a small hatchet among the weaponry on the wall next to them.   Nicolae reached out and grabbed it b


If you're just catching up, read the FULL PROLOGUE, Part 1-4 and Conclusion UNEDITED and PART 1, NICOLAE'S ESCAPE: First Interlude (UNEDITED) *Explicit* and CHAPTER 1 before reading on to Chapter 2.  CHAPTER 2 An alarm had gone off inside of the older Ganoush boy, jolting him from sleep.   He knew it was back.   It was the shift in the air.   The last time he had felt it was two weeks ago before the incident.   Nicolae didn’t know how to refer to it other than being an incident.   He and Sebastian had found the creek and had begun to follow it when he suddenly felt a surge pulse into his body.   As quickly as the surge came and went, so did the things he saw.   The dark shadows, a small dark-haired young woman lying bleeding on the floor, and two newborn babies.   It had lasted for only a second, but it was long enough for Nicolae to feel as though the wind had been knocked out of him.   He must have looked that way as well because Sebastian had given him a rat

PART 1, NICOLAE'S ESCAPE: Chapter 1 (UNEDITED) *Mildly Explicit*

If you're just catching up, read the FULL PROLOGUE, Part 1-4 and Conclusion UNEDITED and PART 1, NICOLAE'S ESCAPE: First Interlude (UNEDITED) *Explicit* before reading Chapter 1.    JULY, 1844 CHAPTER 1 Nicolae’s dreams of Eloisa had started the second night after he and Sebastian escaped into Transylvania’s forest.   The two boys had gone through the forest, following the creek without stopping until the second night just as Nicolae had planned.   They had found some brush to lay down under, both exhausted from almost twenty four hours of hiking through the woods, only having stopped three times since their departure.   If it had only been Nicolae alone, he would likely have only made one rest stop.   But he had Sebastian with him and he did understand the fact that his younger brother needed sustenance more than he did.   The first night in the woods, Sebastian had tried to convince Nicolae to tell him about what was happening as they stopped briefl