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"Bloodlines" Prologue Part 2 (Unedited First Draft)

Here is part 2 of the prologue of the first book in the series.  After this, there are two more parts with a final wrap around at the end. And like I said, this IS the unedited first draft.  I will be correcting grammatical stuff, adding, deleting, and there are still a couple small things I need to research more of.  But this is the gist of it :) If you want to read the entire Prologue without "interruptions," you can do so  here.   Illinois-Iowa Territory Border , United States   On the other side of the world near the Iowa Territory, Jonathan Blake rode his horse Samson on the plains of the American Midwest.  It was early evening, but there was still plenty of daylight left.  Enough for the eighteen-year-old Irishman to get in a good, long ride before nightfall.  Riding Samson across the open terrain was a much loved pastime for Jonathan.  He had come to know the area well, but there was always new uncharted territory to discover.  But on this p

"Bloodlines" Prologue Part 1 (Unedited First Draft)

Hey everyone, As promised I am sharing the prologue of the first book of my novel series.  "Bloodlines" is the working title of the series, but I'm totally using it as the title of the prologue.  It is a four part prologue that introduces the four 'bloodlines' of the main characters.  This is Part 1 :) Also, keep in mind that this is the unedited first draft!  I will still be correcting grammatical stuff and maybe adding, deleting, etc. If you want to read the entire Prologue without "interruptions," you can do so  here. Hope you enjoy :) PROLOGUE: The Bloodlines June of 1844 Romanian-Hungarian Border ( Transylvania ) Nicolae Ganoush was a young man of nineteen when he took his eleven-year-old brother Sebastian out of Romania.  Nicolae was a wanted man.  Wanted for murder and treason. A pale moon hung in the black, starless sky as the two boys fled into the thick Transylvania woods.  Nicolae knew that Romanian officials