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Dark Side of the Labyrinth: Ghostly Tales Recap Bonus Episode (Bonus Video)

This past Saturday, the John Neville House held their Ghostly Tales by Firelight event. I was both the chairperson of this event and a storyteller, so it was a busy night for me! I was going to have this be a full episode, but there wasn't enough time for me to get the footage I wanted (or even to get segments of my storytelling!), so instead of a full episode, it's more of a bonus video! Hope you enjoy what I was able to capture! If you want an even more in depth involvement in this journey (which also includes my music in the Dark Celtic Rock realm, along with my stories), consider joining my Legion at my Patreon: ******* Thanks for reading! Go on a musical adventure with me through time where for five days I'll send you a new song or story, and a personal email from me! FIVE DAY JOURNEY THROUGH TIME: https://tiffanyapancelticgothicrock.m... +++ FACEBOOK: +++ WEBSITE: http://t

Gettysburg 2020: More Photos and Anecdotes!

 Well greetings! Not too long ago, the third episode of Dark Side of the Labyrinth was released and the episode covered my recent day trip to Gettysburg. Normally, a Gettysburg trip would be a weekend long event, but unfortunately this year, many travel plans have been put on hold. So now as we are coming to the end of 2020, I am trying to visit as many places and history sites as possible! I have more that I plan to visit in the very near future that I look forward to bringing you along for. If you want to check out the episode, it is below: Dark Side of the Labyrinth, Ep 3: Travel to Gettysburg In addition, many photos were taken as I tried to experience all I could in a single day.  Taking a quick selfie before getting on the road...with my Caffeine Loading tumbler by Coffee Over Cardio   Upon my arrival in Gettysburg (aside from being super excited to be there, (as I always am no matter how many times I go), I was also quite hungry, almost to the point of be hangry. So I was able t