"Your photos were a good representation of some of the information that we wish to share with the public" - Beaver County Historical Research and Landmarks Foundation (Applegate's School of Needlework)

"Thank you for the mention!" - Mountain Forge (18th century sutlers) 

"Your blog was a great read!  Very enjoyable!  Thank you so much for mentioning us and showing all the pretty things you purchased at FF (Fort Frederick)." - Beth Webb of 96 District Fabrics, LLC

"Thank you so much for the shout out!"-Angela of Burnley & Trowbridge Company

"Testimonials such as yours always helps others find things that they too value and want. It would be interesting to hear from you as you experiment on anything you attempt from that (The New London Toilet) pamphlet. It could help me advise future customers." - Colonial Printer & Bookbindery

"Why thank you for the genuine endorsement! It is so nice to hear such nice things, and also to have my name mentioned along with a few of my favorite people..." - Ruth Konrad of Liberty Linens


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